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November 01, 2007

Brian Head Revisited - The Positive Side

I was speaking with an acquaintance from Brian Head earlier. I said, hey stop by the site and check out what I have to say about Brian Head, the Interconnect, etc. The response:

Not so flattering.

I have spent a lot of time paying attention to the negatives lately of the resort. I went back and read most of the 90 or so posts I did about Brian Head and it strikes me, most are either about the snow (or lack of snow), the Interconnect, the Real Estate market, etc. Very little is about why I just purchased my season pass, own a condo, and am looking forward to the season. It is time that I go back and highlight what I like and don't about the resort. This is gonna be long, so let's start at the beginning. First the positives:

1. Proximity. Location, Location, Location. Brian Head is 3.5 hours from Las Vegas, about 7 from LA, and 7 from Phoenix. It is the closest resort to Phoenix (not counting Sunrise and Snowbowl). It is Interstate the entire way from Vegas and only the last 45 miles ever has snow.

2. Great Snow. Not legendary like Alta. But 400" and the snow comes early. Not A-Basin early, but usually they have a good base by Thanksgiving and the entire mountain open by mid-December.

3. The weather. It isn't that cold compared to other resorts. That is good and bad. It is bad for snowmaking and for spring skiing, but is good becuase there are fewer nasty cold days than some of the resorts farther north.

4. People. I have yet to meet anyone from Brian Head or the resort that weren't friendly and outgoing. Most homeowners and condo owners don't own for the prestige of having a place (see Vail, Aspen), they own because they like Brian Head. There are some investors and you get idiot renters and dumb kids like all resorts, but Brian Head generally has good folks that will sit and talk and treat you well.

5. A Family Friendly environment. Jake and Jackson feel safe and take the shuttle between the mountains and back to the condo. The kids programs are outstanding. The instructors are great. Everyone down to the lift ticket sales people are great. A few of the lift operators are more on the punk kid college student side, but certainly not as bad as most resort's lift attendants and a lot of this comes from the fact SUU attracts a different kind of college student.

6. A clean lifestyle. I guess that probably hails from the Mormon influence, but Utah's smoking bans and alcohol laws tend to annoy some of my friends, but more often make the trips more pleasant (as I don't smoke and don't really drink myself).

All of these things have a flip side of course, but I wouldn't own at Brian Head if not for all of these major positives.

Posted by Justin at November 1, 2007 02:13 PM