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October 28, 2007

What a Season

So for all my doom and gloom about my thumb, there is some good news:

  • Wickenburg extends their win streak to 10 with a regular season victory over South Ridge. Wick is 10-0. Vaughan as always grabs me after the game and starts asking me about powerpoints and playoff seeding. I couldn't get over it. That is 29-1 in the regular season under Norris Vaughan. Now comes the big test. Possible dates with Round Valley and eventually Coolidge.
  • Wickenburg (Majors) youth football (Jackson's team) extend their streak to 8, and are 8-0
  • Far West Steelers (Jr. Pee Wee) beat the number one team in the state, undefeated Deer Valley Air Express 38-30 in one of the best games I have ever witnessed at any level. That is an awful bold statement, but watching two evenly matched undefeated teams playing in the regular season finale was incredible. Air Express went up 16-6 and their coach started telling his players these "Mighty Mites can't play with us". (Mighty Mite being the division of 7-8 year olds below us) Me and about three other parents absolutely lost it and got all of our crowd fired up about it. If you know my "game voice" which is the volume level above both my inside voice and outside voice, it carries. I was absolutely screaming at their coaches "How bout them mighty mites. How you like how our mighty mite hit now." After we scored then forced a fumble and scored again to take the lead. I kept screaming the entire game. I felt like one of those horses ass parents that goes off, but I have never seen anything as classless as their coaches. Wouldn't even shake several of our kid's hands.
  • Oh, yeah. And after watching Jake's team go undefeated for the regular season and earn the number one seed in the playoffs, I took an evening trip to Sun Devil stadium. I changed out of my white A-Dub/Jake jersey and into my Gold Zach Miller jersey because it was homecoming. Gotta wear gold. (Jake's Pop Warner team wears Maroon and Gold too) ASU spotted Cal a 13-0 and a 20-7 lead. Here, we'll spot you 13... Now enjoy this smackdown. 31-20.

So here is the deal with ASU:

  • Finish 1-3 and go to the Sun Bowl in El Paso
  • Finish 2-2 and go to the Holiday Bowl in San Deigo
  • Finish 3-1 and Tempe smells like Roses. Grand Daddy of them all. New Years Day. Pasadena.
  • Finish 4-0 and bring the beads for Bourbon Street. It is a trip to the BCS Championship in No'leans.

Aside from the fact that I am probably missing ski season, at least Football season is gonna run a little late this year.

Posted by Justin at October 28, 2007 02:03 PM