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October 17, 2007

Loveland Opens

Loveland opened in second place this season:

GEORGETOWN, Colo. — Mike Zimmer, of Vernal, Utah, drove five hours to ski opening day at Loveland Ski Area.

Zimmer grew up in nearby Georgetown and has been skiing here since he was five years old.

He refuses to wait for Park City to open.

“Ah shoot, that’s still two, three weeks away,” Zimmer said.

Opening day loyalists like Zimmer enjoyed the good snow, shining sun and fewer people on Loveland Ski Area’s wide, sole run Tuesday morning. Loveland was the second resort to open this year. Arapahoe Basin opened Oct. 11, the earliest in the nation.

Loveland’s run was a combination of a short catwalk and the runs Mambo and Home Run. The 1,365 ski area had an 18-inch base that had been topped with more than a foot of snow (groomed for opening day) from Saturday’s storm.

The rest was manmade snow, which Loveland has been making for three weeks, said spokeswoman Kathryn Johnson.

And to think that it is still baseball season in Denver. When ski season and baseball season overlap... Crazy. Quick side note--Go Rocks.

Posted by Justin at October 17, 2007 11:58 AM


I will be testing the snow at Loveland in person next week. I usually wait for Copper to open, but opening is November 2 this year...too long to wait! We have had good snow the last week or two in Summit County, so hopefully they will have at least two runs open!

Posted by: Joanne Hanson at October 18, 2007 10:22 PM