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October 16, 2007

Local Politics in Brian Head

I have about three or four local sources of information about the goings on at Brian Head. I tend to talk and talk and talk, so my local friends are other folks that tend to do the same. Talk about the resort, the town, the real estate market, and so on.

One of my friends is Tony from Pizanos Pizza at The Mall near the base area of Giant Steps. First, Tony makes a mean pie. No doubt. He is a Dodgers fan and if you are looking to have someone to talk baseball with, you better have an afternoon to spend at Pizanos. His wife grew up in west Phoenix and went to one of Wickenburg's rival high schools. They are just good people.

So Tony and I are talking Interconnect and town and base area and growth and condos and development and baseball. Tony owned a place five units down from me in Timberbrook. I mentioned that I have such a big investment in the town, that I consider myself a local. Then I showed him my Utah Drivers License. 464 N HWY 143, Brian Head, UT. His eyes lit up.

"Are you registered to vote up here? Because if you are, I am running for Town Council."

So I am running down to Parowan to get registered.

I never stop into Brian Head without stopping by and seeing Tony. Whether it is to grab a slice or to talk baseball or to just BS, he is one of my favorite people on the mountain. I am not in the business of endorsing politicians, but I have known Tony for two years and he consistently has the same vision for the town that I do and sees the same challenges.

If you get up to Brian Head, stop in and get a slice and talk to Tony about the goings on. He pays attention and loves to talk. I mean LOVES TO TALK. But so do I.

Posted by Justin at October 16, 2007 03:28 PM