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October 07, 2007


Quick update on Jake--

The Far West Steelers are undefeated and unstoppable. All the countless hours of taking Jake to ballgames his whole life are starting to pay dividends. He got his second start this week and is going to be starting the rest of the way at offensive guard.

Today, on the first series of the game, I watched him have an absolute de-cleater block on a kid. Not just a knockdown, but a "what just hit me" moment for the kid. Two plays later, I watched him on back to back plays literally drive his man 10 yards off the ball. It is fun to watch. His playoffs are going to run until Thanksgiving if they make the Championship so skiing will have to wait a little bit.

We had parent teacher conferences this week and his teacher just raved about him. Great student. So now, he has earned the right to miss school by working hard so far. That means my wife cannot yell at me for taking off for 4-5 days at a time to go skiing.

We are making plans for the season. I want him throwing a 360, solid 180's, riding switch, and sticking a switch 180 this year. Nothing major, but that is what we are working towards. Improving his carving, especially when he is intimidated by steeps. He still tends to try to slow down and his form suffers when it gets steep. But I really want to see him and Jacko jib. Just cause when all their buddies that snowboard think they are all cool, my kids will two plank it and do some damage.

Posted by Justin at October 7, 2007 12:31 AM


Hey its nice to see someone else with a ski blog site, I hope you check mine out as well. East coast style!!

Posted by: Sully at October 9, 2007 06:49 PM