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October 07, 2007

Baseball Utopia

I graduated in 1993, well before the Diamondbacks were even a thought in Arizona's mind. Being from the Mountain West, I adopted the Rockies as my favorite team. Love the purple unis. I have me a pinstriped Hampton jersey and a purple CO jersey that I have about worn out. Been to Coors field and watched RJ pitch against the Rocks in 2001 when the Dbacks went to the series, RJ won the Cy Young, and was Co-MVP of the Series.

But you gotta have an AL team to root for. And I despise, hate, loathe the Yankees. So naturally, you gotta choose sides and when Curt Schilling went to Bean Town, I liked the Red Sox even more. And now with Goodyear hosting the Indians for spring training among other things, I have an even stronger reason to like the Tribe.

So here is how things stand:

  • D-backs versus Rockies starting on October 11th--my birthday--for the NLCS.
  • Red Sox up 2-0 over the Angels. Cleveland up 2-0 over the Yankees.

It is baseball utopia. I get to wear purple for the next month regardless and so long as the Yankees lose to Cleveland, there is no way that things can turn out badly.

I was watching the Rockies game and for the post game celebration, me and my friend Travis Henry sparked up a fatty boom batty blunt. They don't call it Mile High for nothin'. At least the folks in Denver have something positive to look forward to. Walker is out. Henry is baked. Cutler is a piece of trash. Ratface got rid of Jake so that they could get to the next level (not the Superbowl that he claimed, but rather to the level of a consistently mediocre team that misses the playoffs).

Savor this Rockies series folks. The Broncos are reaping the Karma they deserve for trashing the bearded Sun Devil. Jake is smiling in Boise now and the Rat should be out of a job.

--Did I mention how much I hate Jay Cutler?

Posted by Justin at October 7, 2007 12:16 AM