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September 11, 2007

Car Trouble

Last week, we headed up to Brian Head. So the Avy has 150k miles on it and had never had shocks and struts redone. So prior to taking the fam on a 1000 mile roadie, I took the truck to the shop. Turns out it also needs a tie rod. $1000 +/- later, but the thing rides much better.

Just as soon as I paid off the budgetted repairs, I get the license plate renewals for the Jeep and the Avy. There is another $800.

On to Utah. The truck is not running real well and is occasionally struggling to climb hills at 75. Weirdness. But we get there and all is well. On the way back, we are halfway between Hoover Dam and Kingman in the middle of nowhere on a 105 degree day and boom. The thing just dies. No power. Dead. I have had this happen to me 100 times before in my old Mustang (ask Tera and Jeremy about what happened). I figure it is the fuel pump and hope... pray... that it is just a bad fuse or a clogged filter. We call Geico for a tow into Kingman.

Nope, not the fuse and it is the fuel pump. The part alone is almost $500. Then there is removing the driveline, siphoning the gas, and dropping the tank. New filter. 5 hours of labor. And to top off the $1050 bill (which I haggled down to $900) is that the part isn't in stock. We spent the night in wonderful Kingman in a hotel with three kids who missed two days of school over it.

So I get back and the tires on the truck are about dead. 45k miles on them and they are rated for 50k. Not in bad shape and have enough tread left that they are still pretty good tires. I figure it is about time to go back to 16 inch rims. The 20's ride like crap because of no sidewall, plus they are hurting the gas mileage. I have a set of brand new tires in a 16" on the Jeep and figure that I can sell my 20's and tires for enough to pay for a set of rims for the Avy. Then I will swap the Jeep's 31x10.50's that are new onto the Avy and put new tires on the jeep (which I have been wanting to do anyway). Net is that if I sell my old rims, I get a new set of rims and tires on the Avy and new tires on the jeep for the cost of a set of new tires. Rims and tires = $2100 (which I haggled down to $1800 at Discount by grabbing price quotes and refusing to pay for their certificates and warrantee and lifetime whatever whatever).

  • Shocks, Struts and Tie Rod - $1000
  • License for Jeep and Truck - $800
  • Fuel Pump - $900
  • Tires for Jeep - $1200
  • Rims for Truck - $600 (less probably $500 for the old ones)

That is over $4500 any way you slice it. In the span of a week. But the jeep now has 33x12.50's and the Avy has new tires and a new suspension and a new fuel pump and both are legal to drive again. And the jeep looks pimped. I will post new pics of it shortly with the new rack on top.

I am heading to the credit union to withdraw from the savings account so that the mortgage doesn't bounce. =)

Posted by Justin at September 11, 2007 12:03 PM


* Shocks, Struts and Tie Rod - $1000
* License for Jeep and Truck - $800
* Fuel Pump - $900
* Tires for Jeep - $1200
* Rims for Truck - $600 (less probably $500 for the old ones)

The story = Priceless

Posted by: Jonathan Lawson at September 11, 2007 08:12 PM

Financial flexibility: priceless.

Posted by: Caroline at September 13, 2007 12:49 PM