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September 19, 2007

Brian Head Interconnect Still Iffy

I went up to Brian Head for a short trip to finish the drywall and heater/fan in the bathroom. Got a chance to talk to a couple locals including one at the resort and they keep saying the lifts are going to be done by opening day. It is now less than two months away and the bridge still is not in and the terminals are not set. Foundations are poured and the lift towers are ready to go in, but the bridge and the terminals are the show stoppers.

I got a ton done on the condo and it is actually ready for the winter. Bathroom is finished (except a little paint), tile is done, and we added a new thermostat, fixed the fan, and put in a new heater in the bathroom. It looks absolutely awesome.

I am planning another trip north to finish the paint before the ski season starts, but finally, the place is done. No more mess. No more projects for quite a while. Here is my wish list of stuff to do that is left:

  • New entry door and redesign the entryway to make it more usable
  • New sliding glass patio door to better utilize the space and get more light in
  • New fireplace

I am in no hurry to do any of these and honestly am putting the place on the market in the next couple months. I hate to even think about selling it, but I have a couple of business deals that are going on and it is going to get harder for me to make it north enough to be worth the $1500 a month that it is costing. Plus I am not sure that the market up there will appreciate enough to make it a good investment.

I say all that, but in reality, I am probably putting it on the market just for show so that Tera will think I am trying to be responsible. In the meantime, I am gonna ski as much as I can until March when the business really gets going. From there, let's hope I am successful and don't need to even think about selling it.

So if you know anyone that wants a pristine, remodeled condo that sleeps 7 plus another 3 kids comfortably, lemme know.

Posted by Justin at September 19, 2007 11:19 AM


I have the same fear along with every other Brian Head owner and visitor. The lift towers are in but no bridge and no motor stations. I talked with Bryce Haderlie the other day and he seems confident the bridge will be in. It is a quick assembly process, similar to a prefab home. As I continue to speak with the resort staff and the town, my confidence is reassured.

It's good to see another local commenting on Brian Head. From the looks of your blogs, you seem to get around the area to various resort. I enjoy your blogs.

Posted by: Scott Bird at September 26, 2007 11:13 AM