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September 21, 2007

A-Basin Article from Rocky Mountain Post

This article about A-basin:

ARAPAHOE BASIN - This high-elevation ski area has never lacked for steep terrain with stunning views of the state's highest peaks. This winter, it's about to get a lot more of the same.

As A-Basin prepares to almost double in size this winter, ski area officials here hope the $3 million expansion will raise the area's profile among out-of-state visitors and address some of the crowding it has experienced as it becomes more popular among local residents.

"More and more people are discovering Arapahoe," said Alan Henceroth, chief operating officer of the 61-year-old ski area. "But if you go out of state, people don't really know about us."

With 400 acres of new trails on the backside of its summit, the area could prove an even stronger draw this season for Front Range residents. Its location on the western side of Loveland Pass makes it one of the closest ski areas to Denver.

Its perch along the Continental Divide allows it to stay open far longer than most ski areas, and its introduction of snowmaking a few years ago helps it with its annual race to open ahead of most rivals.

The eight-month season boosts its visitor count.

A-Basin attracted more than 360,000 visitors in 2006-2007, more than any of the other smaller, "gem" ski areas and almost as many as the 366,000 who went to the bigger Crested Butte.

I love A-basin. It was the first Colorado resort I ever skied at and I did it over Halloween weekend. How can you beat the white ribbon of death being open before my kids go panhandling for candy? One run. A gazillion skiing addicts. Cheap tickets. And skiing in October.

Lots to like about A-basin. A great place to ski. And Loveland and A-basin are the best ski values in Summit. Especially A-basin and the Colorado Pass.

Posted by Justin at September 21, 2007 03:04 PM