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August 25, 2007

White Mountain Football

Hillarious. Alright, so I am a sports nut, a Wickenburg High graduate, and travel to all the road games. I love football and whether it is pro, college, high school, pop warner, or Madden '08, any football is good football.

Well, Arizona 3A football has been dominated by teams from the White Mountains in the east near Sunrise Park Resort. Teams like Blue Ridge, Snowflake, Show Low, Round Valley, Payson, and so on have won title after title in Arizona. Their fans have set up the "White Mountain Smack Board" for folks to go and talk football.

So I write under a pseudonym and go by Bill. I don't think people really got that it was a fake name. I am a prolific blogger in that I spend most of the day either writing at my site, posting at other sites, or working the bulletin board at WMF. And I happen to know a thing or two about football and several things about the history of 3A football in AZ. Well, gradually, people have realized who I am. Not by name, but I write there so much that people forget that my name is Justin Blackburn, I graduated in 1993, played Offensive and Defensive Line, Wrestled Varsity, and in my own right was a fairly outspoken and intelligent member of the community. Literally, I was sitting in the stands and people were asking my friend Clay if "Bill was here" because he had posted something about their kid or they wanted to meet him. Other people come up to me that I have known since I was a kid in school and they start calling me Bill. The coach thinks my name is Bill.

It is awesome. If someone said that Justin Blackburn was here, no one would know who that is, but you say Bill Lundbergh, and folks know. And that name is a fluke solely because of a misspelling mishap when I registered. It was supposed to be Lumberg, not Lundbergh after the boss in Office Space.

Posted by Justin at August 25, 2007 01:59 PM