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August 12, 2007

The Busy Time

The last two days marked the arrival of my Cardinals and ASU season tickets in the mail. Suns season is getting ready to start and I am trying to get a handle on my upcoming schedule:

  • Tuesday Nights - Jake's Pop Warner Practice
  • Thursday Nights - Jake's Pop Warner Practice
  • Friday Nights - Wickenburg Football
  • Saturday Days - Jake's Pop Warner Games
  • Saturday Nights (8 Home Games) - ASU Football
  • Sunday Days - Cardinals Football

And that is only until Halloween when Basketball season starts and the Suns get added to the mix.

I am finishing up a couple major projects right now including tiling the downstairs bathroom at the condo. I am bordering on overwhelmed. I have two active businesses, including this site. Plus I still have my day job.

So the net of this is that I am selling several sets of tickets to the Cardinals and Suns. I know that right now I will be selling opening week tickets to the Suns vs. Lakers and Suns vs. Cavaliers the first week of November. These will be $100 per ticket for the two tickets that are in Section 211 Row 7 and include a parking pass at the Collier Center. I am selling my Cardinals vs. Pittsburgh in Section 436 row 7 for $100-150 per ticket depending on the going rate. The nice thing is that the Suns and Cardinals offer a new site called Suns or Cardinals Ticket Exchange that allows the selling of tickets and immediate printing for the buyer as opposed to FedExing like StubHub and other sites (Craig's List, Ebay).

Suns and Cardinals have sold out for the season and last year, my Suns vs. Lakers tickets fetched over $100 each and were not for the season opener. I am going to be selling a decent amount of games, so if you are local or just are interested in attending a game, I can paypay and sell tickets. Lemme know what games you are interested in and we can discuss price.

Posted by Justin at August 12, 2007 03:22 PM