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August 31, 2007

Megeve Mike Has More Info on Skiing Europe

Mike Beaudet is an American expat that runs a private ski school in France specializing in ski tours for Americans and Brits. Upside is he speaks both French and English and being that he is American and certified as both a French and PSIA ski instructor, he brings a wealth of knowledge and a ton of experience both instructing and guiding skiers.

Mike sends this update on skiing the Alps:

I often talk to my American clients and friends that fly into Geneva International Airport (GVA) from most any city off the East and West Coast of the US. They tell me that it is less expensive (much cheaper), and takes less time to ski in the French Alps than to fly and then drive 3 hours to some of the better known resorts in Colorado and Utah. The flight is only 6 to 7 hours! A short 1 hour drive from Geneva will get you to Megeve and you’re on the ski slopes.

I have a Private Ski School " Ski Pros Megeve " in Megeve, France and can assure you that even with a dollar at $1.35 to the Euro;

  • The cost of lift passes are half what you would pay back home in the US.
  • Ski Equipment rental is less... even for top of the line models.
  • Food on the hill is unique, has taste (tastes good) and at about $28. for two, including wine, won’t ruin you.
  • The hotels (at the bottom of the slopes and center of town) can be reserved for anywhere from $148. And up!
  • A taxi transfer from the airport to Megeve will cost about $160 per person or you can take a bus for a quarter of the cost and get to the same place, in the same amount of time.
  • People are super friendly and the atmosphere is like nothing back home.
  • Private ski lessons are half the price that you would pay in the Rocky Mountains.
  • A good supper, (and plenty of it) at a good restaurant can start at $25. Including wine, desert and tips!
  • It is not just the price there is a lot more… it’s easy to get to also!
  • You can ski several ski areas in short drives ( 20 min. ) frome any one area. Where else can you go to ski into one, two or even three different countries in a ski trip if not in a day?

I tried to free up some time to travel to France last year, but got crazy busy with work. I am hoping to get over to Europe (for the first time) this year. I am also hoping to go to Chile next summer, and have enough airline miles to do one or the other. I want to take Tera to Europe with me, but since she does not ski and that is the main reason I am going, she would be crazy bored. Jake will for sure be going so that he can ski with me. Spoiled little brat. =)

Check Mike's website out and drop him and e-mail if you are interested in skiing Europe. He can score some awesome deals since he works closely with the local resorts and can get you a guide, passes, hotels, meals, and so on for considerably less than a travel agent can.

Posted by Justin at August 31, 2007 12:03 PM