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August 29, 2007

Gear List Revisited

One of my first posts on the site was a gear checklist for my 2005 season. Just cause I am a worthless plagarizer, I am gonna reprint the best parts of it. (plus I am lazy and out of fun stuff to talk about)

A few ideas for you from a seasoned traveler on items that you may want to keep around for the trip. First, though is having the right rig for the trip especially if you drive any major distance. My Chevy Avalanche's 4x4 works great and the heated leather seats warm up the backside after a rough day on the slopes.

My basic gear list

  • Sleeping bags - Just in case the roads are closed or hotels are full. Or in case you want to extend the trip that extra day or two. Plus they come in handy when three of you split a hotel room with only two beds. You guys get the cot this time?

  • iPod or other MP3 Player - And rip the CD collection.

  • Sirius Satellite Radio - Never miss an NFL playoff game again.

  • Motorola handheld radios with external mic/speakers - for taunting your buddies as they try to pick up their hats, skis, and poles halfway up the mountain after going yardsale? or for calling your buddies to tell them to pick up your ski if you were leading the pack.

  • DVD Player and car charger

  • Warren Miller videos for the trip

  • Garmin GPS

  • An assortment of pain killers, muscle relaxants, and anti-inflammatories, plus a well stocked emergency kit.

  • Sunscreen, lip balm, etc.

  • Avalanche beacons, etc. for backcountry skiing

  • Oh yeah, and always prep the car for winter driving -- Keep blankets, flares, water, etc. on hand. Winter driving is dangerous as evidenced by the cow that I hit at 2 AM on my way to Wolf Creek last March.

And most important? Don't forget the damn key to the ski rack or the condo.

OK, add in the following:

  • Camelback - hydration systems work great and often I don't drink enough during the day to stay hydrated.
  • Plenty of cold weather gear - you can never have too many gloves, mittens, scarves, thermals, etc. And keep some in the car. If you ever get stuck, they will keep you warm in a pinch.
  • Energy Bars, snacks, etc. - These things are pricy at the resort. Stop by Sams or Costco and grab a case of granola bars and oreo cookies, etc., for a quick energy boost during the day.
  • Extra socks - I know it is lame to say, but ski socks are not all made the same and wearing my white cotton crew socks in my ski boots sucks. They bunch up. Ski socks make the day so much more comfortable, but keep a spare pair around in case you don't have time to dry them.
  • Lotion - skin gets chapped and you never want to buy stuff like that at the local market because they have crappy selections and it is overpriced. Bring your favorite with you.
  • Swimsuit - The kids forget theirs from time to time and it sucks to be them. Swimming in boxers sucks. We do it on really slow weekends, but folks frown on it.
  • Earplugs - Have someone in the condo who snores? Even if they don't normally, getting completely run down after a day of skiing will make the best of us snore.

I bought some really cool new stuff like my Skull Candy earphones that fit in my helmet and let me listen to my motorola radio and ipod at the same time. I never ski without my helmet and usually use a skull cap or a headgear during the day. So always keep a ballcap around so you don't have skier head. Same with gym shorts. I always wear them under my ski pants so that I can drop trow if need be. And last year, my buddy Carson ripped his ski pants and was running around in his long underwear. We made fun of him mostly for his skiing ability though so that he left with absolutely no self esteem. And no pants.

Posted by Justin at August 29, 2007 01:09 AM


Excellent suggestions! I know it's not really 'gear' per se but up on the mountain, you gotta smell nice, and I am addicted to Diesel's Fuel for Life perfume!!

I bought some for my ski-bunny friends for Christmas because they come in these really cool-looking chained bottles for the holiday season. I looked up their site so you can see:

Wanted to add my suggestion and happy skiing everyone!

Posted by: Jane at December 18, 2007 08:18 AM