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August 31, 2007

High School Gets p0wned by Rival - Posted to Youtube

The Story appears here:

HILLIARD, Ohio (AP)—A high school student who tricked football fans from a crosstown rival into holding up signs that together spelled out, “We Suck,” was suspended for the prank, students said.

Kyle Garchar, a senior at Hilliard Davidson High School in suburban Columbus, said he spent about 20 hours over three days plotting the trick, which was captured on video and posted on the video-sharing Web site YouTube. He said he was inspired by a similar prank pulled by Yale students in 2004, when Harvard fans were duped into holding up cards with the same message.

At the end of the video, Garchar wryly thanks the 800 Hilliard Darby High School supporters who raised the cards at the start of the third quarter during last Friday’s football game.

“It couldn’t have been done without you,” reads the closing frame of the video.

Garchar, 17, created a grid to plan how the message would be spelled out once fans in three sections held up either a black or white piece of construction paper.

Directions left on stadium seats instructed fans to check that the number listed on their papers matched their seat numbers. Darby supporters were told the message would read “Go Darby.”

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Megeve Mike Has More Info on Skiing Europe

Mike Beaudet is an American expat that runs a private ski school in France specializing in ski tours for Americans and Brits. Upside is he speaks both French and English and being that he is American and certified as both a French and PSIA ski instructor, he brings a wealth of knowledge and a ton of experience both instructing and guiding skiers.

Mike sends this update on skiing the Alps:

I often talk to my American clients and friends that fly into Geneva International Airport (GVA) from most any city off the East and West Coast of the US. They tell me that it is less expensive (much cheaper), and takes less time to ski in the French Alps than to fly and then drive 3 hours to some of the better known resorts in Colorado and Utah. The flight is only 6 to 7 hours! A short 1 hour drive from Geneva will get you to Megeve and you’re on the ski slopes.

I have a Private Ski School " Ski Pros Megeve " in Megeve, France and can assure you that even with a dollar at $1.35 to the Euro;

  • The cost of lift passes are half what you would pay back home in the US.
  • Ski Equipment rental is less... even for top of the line models.
  • Food on the hill is unique, has taste (tastes good) and at about $28. for two, including wine, won’t ruin you.
  • The hotels (at the bottom of the slopes and center of town) can be reserved for anywhere from $148. And up!
  • A taxi transfer from the airport to Megeve will cost about $160 per person or you can take a bus for a quarter of the cost and get to the same place, in the same amount of time.
  • People are super friendly and the atmosphere is like nothing back home.
  • Private ski lessons are half the price that you would pay in the Rocky Mountains.
  • A good supper, (and plenty of it) at a good restaurant can start at $25. Including wine, desert and tips!
  • It is not just the price there is a lot more… it’s easy to get to also!
  • You can ski several ski areas in short drives ( 20 min. ) frome any one area. Where else can you go to ski into one, two or even three different countries in a ski trip if not in a day?

I tried to free up some time to travel to France last year, but got crazy busy with work. I am hoping to get over to Europe (for the first time) this year. I am also hoping to go to Chile next summer, and have enough airline miles to do one or the other. I want to take Tera to Europe with me, but since she does not ski and that is the main reason I am going, she would be crazy bored. Jake will for sure be going so that he can ski with me. Spoiled little brat. =)

Check Mike's website out and drop him and e-mail if you are interested in skiing Europe. He can score some awesome deals since he works closely with the local resorts and can get you a guide, passes, hotels, meals, and so on for considerably less than a travel agent can.

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August 30, 2007

Ski Sales Season Kicks Off

This from the Deseret News today:

The first sign of winter is upon us — the Labor Day ski sales. Actually, the traditional opening day for the Utah ski season is roughly 80 days away in mid-November. But now is the time when skiers and snowboarders and would-bes take an accounting of their equipment, or lack of, because now is a good time to buy new. And skiers and snowboarders know it.

The three Sports Authority locations expect to see more than 30,000 people over the weekend, pulled in by promises of ski and snowboard gear "up to 70 percent off." It's also a good time for parents to take inventory. Unfortunately, skis, boards and boots don't grow. Taller kids with longer feet need to upgrade. When buying taller and longer, do it in inches not feet.

I'll never forget my time selling ski gear at a now out-of-business ski shop. A buyer I was helping couldn't understand why I argued so strongly against him buying 7-foot skis for his 3-foot-tall daughter. His argument was why pay for the shorter ski when he could get the taller pair for the same price, "and she can grow into the skis."

It's a fact of skiing, though. Old equipment needs to be replaced. Binding parts start to wear and become unsafe; boots wear, especially the toes and heels, which work in cooperation with the bindings; and skis, well, if not new ones then at least get them tuned before the season.

What comes after the sale are the annual ski swaps, at least a half-dozen good swaps Snowbird and Park City. Starting it off this season will be the Snowbird swap, scheduled for Sept. 21-23. Smart sellers mark their gear, some only slightly used and some new, to sell rather than go to the trouble of having to reclaim it.

The argument has long been that skiing and snowboarding are expensive sports. With a little preseason effort, starting with the Labor Day weekend and extending to preseason passes, skiing and snowboarding suddenly become far less expensive.

Dead on. I bought Jake's boots last week. I probably need to get him some 150's and maybe some new bindings, though I have a couple of pairs. I might stick him on Tera's skis that have rarely been used because despite my efforts to coax her into skiing, she steadfastly refuses. She prefers to shop while we ski. No, she prefers to stay home while we ski actually.

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Condo Rental Etiquette

It is Labor Day weekend and I am heading to Utah on another holiday. There will be countless other folks up there to see the leaves changing colors hoping to enjoy one more mini-vacation before the weather turns cold. I want to highlight some of the things that have happened in the two plus years that I have owned my condo that have just pissed me off. If you own or rent a condo, here is a little lesson in how not to be a gigantic a-hole to the other people that use the condo complex:

  • Don't drink beer in glass containers near the pool. I know this is retarded to even have to mention it, but glass containers near a pool are bad news. I have seen too many people do this to count and usually it is at night when management is no where to be found. And they are always renters.
  • If you are gonna get trashed, do it in your own unit, not in the hall or the pool.
  • Don't run up and down the halls. Walk. Running makes way more noise and the walls are usually paper thin.
  • Stay in the same unit as your kids. If they are so rotten that you cannot stand to stay in the same unit with them, they are gonna be even worse if left alone.
  • Don't cook fish or anything else that smells nasty. It smells up the entire floor. If you want to have a fish fry, use the barbeque outside or at least make sure you open all your windows. In the winter, it is too cold to open the windows, so just don't do it. I don't want to know what you had for dinner.
  • When you bring a group, make sure that the kids know which room their friends are staying in. At midnight, having some idiot ring my doorbell while I am in my boxers (which are usually not the good sexy kind with hearts and silk) and making me climb down the stairs to hear "Uh, I thought this was Bobby's room) is enough to make me want to beat you and then find Bobby and beat him too.
  • Don't leave your trash outside your door. Take it to the garbage. Again with the whole smell thing.
  • Don't make out in the hottub. Have some class. You got a room, use it. My kids don't want to see that--or maybe they are old enough that they do. Either way, I don't want them to see it.
  • Close the damned windows and leave the heater on low when you leave. Don't freeze up the complex and bust pipes because you are an idiot.
  • Put your pool towels in the dirty linen bag. Don't just leave them by the pool.
  • If your dog doesn't fit in a medium sized women's handbag, leave it at home. If your dog is named Kujo or Killer or Mauler, etc., as opposed to Bit Bit or Fe Fe or Gigi (as Lindsey's favorite toy poodle is) then you are good.

Now, for the worse offenses I have seen at Timberbrook:

  • A couple guys rented a unit with no credit card on deposit and then set a tire on fire in the garage, which of course filled with dark black smoke and evacuated the entire building.
  • Someone got the shietes and crapped all over the men's restroom and didn't clean it up. They wiped some of it up with a pool towel, simply smearing it.
  • Someone took that a step further and took a dump right in the middle of the floor randomly, probably on a dare.
  • Some kids were using a potato launcher to hurl water balloons at their friends 100 feet down the hall.
  • Some renters broke into a bunch of the ski lockers and stole several snowboards.

This is such no brainer stuff. I figured that people that can drop a grand and a half for a week condo rental would have at least half a clue on how to conduct themselves. I expect the kids that come up on their school ski trips to be little spoiled pricks, but not the average renter.

BTW, best group of kids ever to stay at the complex--kids from Saddleback Church in CA. They literally could be seen every evening after the mountain closed walking to a Bible study in the clubhouse. They were polite and they had plenty of supervision. Two weeks later, from Huntington Beach, some kids ski club came up and half the kids were drunk.

My worst offense of etiquette--Jeremy and me watching the Broncos-Pats playoff game two years ago.

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August 29, 2007

Gear List Revisited

One of my first posts on the site was a gear checklist for my 2005 season. Just cause I am a worthless plagarizer, I am gonna reprint the best parts of it. (plus I am lazy and out of fun stuff to talk about)

A few ideas for you from a seasoned traveler on items that you may want to keep around for the trip. First, though is having the right rig for the trip especially if you drive any major distance. My Chevy Avalanche's 4x4 works great and the heated leather seats warm up the backside after a rough day on the slopes.

My basic gear list

  • Sleeping bags - Just in case the roads are closed or hotels are full. Or in case you want to extend the trip that extra day or two. Plus they come in handy when three of you split a hotel room with only two beds. You guys get the cot this time?

  • iPod or other MP3 Player - And rip the CD collection.

  • Sirius Satellite Radio - Never miss an NFL playoff game again.

  • Motorola handheld radios with external mic/speakers - for taunting your buddies as they try to pick up their hats, skis, and poles halfway up the mountain after going yardsale? or for calling your buddies to tell them to pick up your ski if you were leading the pack.

  • DVD Player and car charger

  • Warren Miller videos for the trip

  • Garmin GPS

  • An assortment of pain killers, muscle relaxants, and anti-inflammatories, plus a well stocked emergency kit.

  • Sunscreen, lip balm, etc.

  • Avalanche beacons, etc. for backcountry skiing

  • Oh yeah, and always prep the car for winter driving -- Keep blankets, flares, water, etc. on hand. Winter driving is dangerous as evidenced by the cow that I hit at 2 AM on my way to Wolf Creek last March.

And most important? Don't forget the damn key to the ski rack or the condo.

OK, add in the following:

  • Camelback - hydration systems work great and often I don't drink enough during the day to stay hydrated.
  • Plenty of cold weather gear - you can never have too many gloves, mittens, scarves, thermals, etc. And keep some in the car. If you ever get stuck, they will keep you warm in a pinch.
  • Energy Bars, snacks, etc. - These things are pricy at the resort. Stop by Sams or Costco and grab a case of granola bars and oreo cookies, etc., for a quick energy boost during the day.
  • Extra socks - I know it is lame to say, but ski socks are not all made the same and wearing my white cotton crew socks in my ski boots sucks. They bunch up. Ski socks make the day so much more comfortable, but keep a spare pair around in case you don't have time to dry them.
  • Lotion - skin gets chapped and you never want to buy stuff like that at the local market because they have crappy selections and it is overpriced. Bring your favorite with you.
  • Swimsuit - The kids forget theirs from time to time and it sucks to be them. Swimming in boxers sucks. We do it on really slow weekends, but folks frown on it.
  • Earplugs - Have someone in the condo who snores? Even if they don't normally, getting completely run down after a day of skiing will make the best of us snore.

I bought some really cool new stuff like my Skull Candy earphones that fit in my helmet and let me listen to my motorola radio and ipod at the same time. I never ski without my helmet and usually use a skull cap or a headgear during the day. So always keep a ballcap around so you don't have skier head. Same with gym shorts. I always wear them under my ski pants so that I can drop trow if need be. And last year, my buddy Carson ripped his ski pants and was running around in his long underwear. We made fun of him mostly for his skiing ability though so that he left with absolutely no self esteem. And no pants.

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August 27, 2007

Miss Teen South Carolina Applies to MENSA

Alternate Title: Like How Come They Like Ask These Like Difficult Questions About Where the USA Is On the Map and Stuff

Being hot will only get you so far in life. And generally that means married to a wealthy doctor or businessman who is only interested in you for the stimulating conversation and your personality.

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August 26, 2007

Ski Buying Guide Tips

While we are on the topic of gear shopping, check out the advice at skiernet on ski buying. I liked this paragraph a lot:

You're at a big sporting goods store, looking at two different Rossignol skis side by side. One pair is $600 and the other is $150. Fact: If you don't know the difference, you don't need $600 skis. The entry level ski will work just fine for you, even if you regularly ski black diamonds. You probably ski 3 - 6 times per year, and while you want to ski well, you aren't about to tackle the super steep double black diamond mogul field. Fact: The $150 pair (before bindings) is a well constructed ski that will perform very well for any skier. But...

As you ski more and more, and become more and more interested in the sport -- reading, trying new things -- your skills may advance to a higher level ski. Do you know what you need? A midfat? All-mountain? Freeride? Intermediate carver? Big Mountain? All-Mountain Expert? Take Advantage of Demo Programs at Ski Areas. Try different skis. Take notes. Do your homework...if you rush out and buy a high end ski that turns out to be unsuitable, you are buying an expensive lesson for yourself. Until you know the difference, and understand your needs, stick with the entry level to intermediate models...Rossignol Axium, Volkl Carver, K2 Escape, Elan Integra...all are excellent, well-constructed skis suitable for the majority of recreational skiers. As for kids, those Alpinas you see on sale will work just great.

Buying for teenagers can be a nightmare. Their friends have Rossignol Bandits...your budget says Rossignol Axium. Fact: Your teenager will be fine on Rossy Axiums, but their fragile teen ego is easily bruised. The solution is to provide enough funds for the lower priced ski, and let them fund the difference if they want the style-du-jour.

They also have a good article on buying off of e-Bay.

Personally, I never buy anything off of e-Bay that isn't new in plastic or NIB (new in box). Usually used stuff sells for about the same price as new stuff because the buyer originally paid retail and by the time it is used, it will be an outdated model. If you are going to buy an outdated model, why not buy a new one that is overstock from a retailer looking to close out last year's inventory?

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Pre-Season Deals - New Ski Boots for Jake

I am a little late to the party on buying new gear, but Jake is wearing a size 8.5 mens shoe now. He went from a 5.5 to an 8.5 in a year. Pretty soon his voice will start dropping and he will be borrowing the car.

So I jumped on Kids boots are a little tricky to find for tweens--kids 10-14ish. They are not really adults (though his smart mouth implies that he thinks he is) and are not really kids either. So buying gear can be tricky. I found an absolutely awesome deal on the largest kids boot size available 26.5--or 8.5 in a Nordica Supercharger at REI.

Nordica Supercharger Boots

$99. I jumped all over it. I am looking at some Nordica Speedmachine boots next season, but my Beasts are still rocking for me. Nordica boots have always treated me well and Jake loved his GTS from two years ago.

Here are the old Nordicas that the Superchargers are replacing:

Nordica GTS Boots

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Aspen Raises Ticket Prices to $87

The following article posts some info on new price increases at Aspen:

Aspen Skiing Co. created headlines last week by announcing it would charge $87 for a one-day lift ticket this upcoming season, surpassing the previous high of $85 charged by Vail last season.

As a newspaper guy, I enjoyed contrasting how the news was played nationally versus how it was played in the hometown paper:

Seattle Times? "Nation's priciest ski ticket (so far): $87 a day at Aspen"

Aspen Times? "Skico unveils modest pass price hikes"

Can Vail top $87 a day? Don't rule it out (especially if it's going to be buying The Canyons in Utah, more on that later). We seem a lock for the $100 lift ticket within the next three to five years, and I'll predict right now that it'll generate considerable mainstream media coverage when it happens.

The thing is, though, in many ways skiing is cheaper today than it was 10 years ago. For less than five of those $87 lift tickets you can buy a season pass that'll give you ten days of skiing at Vail or Beaver Creek and unlimited access to Breckenridge, Keystone and A-Basin. Now, of course you have to physically be in Colorado to buy that pass, but Vail Resorts also sells a "Perfect 10" ticket on the Internet that last season cost around $400 for 10 days of skiing at Vail Resorts properties. Again, pretty darn cheap.

Last week we also talked about the Tahoe Six Pack (six great days of skiing for $249) and Monarch Mountain's $299 pass that also gives you free or heavily discounted access at 10 other ski areas.

Now, to be fair, there aren't a lot of deals for Aspen.

I guess short of getting some comps for Aspen, I won't be skiing there any time soon. But then again, upper middle class fathers of three are probably not their demographic either since at $87 a ticket, most of us cannot afford to ski there. Gonna have to hit the lottery pretty quick.

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Interesting Take on Aspen's Lack of Rental Properties

A recent letter to the editor in the Aspen Daily News makes a good point about the spiral of escalating real estate prices at Aspen:

This resort town desperately needs more hot beds to revitalize and support the shops in the commercial core. Your stores and your community are suffering due to the increase in real-estate prices that are causing landlords to ask for higher rent and many residential properties are being removed from the rental pool. If you don't provide more hot beds that will bring new and more visitors to this town, then you will create a situation where this town and its citizens may not be able to support themselves. As real estate prices continue to rise and the existing residential real estate gets sold at higher prices, the rental income cannot and will not support the investment made by the purchasers. As these units change hands, they are being gutted, rebuilt and for the most part they are being taken off the rental pool. The new owners can afford to carry their investment without the income.

Property values continue to rise because of a lack of new building. So wealthier and wealthier folks are all that are able to buy at Aspen and they immediately gut places doing remodels. They don't want to or need to rent their units, so these former rental units are off the market. The rising real estate prices also cause a rise in commercial rents for businesses.

But if units, instead of having renters packing them throughout the year, are now in the hands of folks that no longer rent them out and who also only spend a couple of weeks a year at the resort, there are gradually fewer and fewer people in town at any given time. This decreases revenue for locals that own businesses who are already stung by rising rents for their businesses. Effectively this guts the commercial core because folks can no longer afford to live at Aspen and their businesses no longer make money. This is a scary trend as the baby boomer population continues to age and retire.

I look at my unit at Brian Head and that is exactly what I did. I bought a former rental unit that was a POS and completely gutted and remodeled it. You think I would rent the place out? Not a chance. And as prices rise, your average owner becomes more and more affluent becuase the sport becomes more and more expensive. If you got the money, why have a trash heap of a condo and why rent the place out to make $2000-3000 a year off of rental income and have somebody destroy your place? And if I am not up there and my place does not have someone in it, it means there are less people buying stuff at the resort. Brian Head is mostly a "daytrippers" resort, but Aspen is not. Daytrippers have other choices that are less expensive and closer.

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Goodfoulers - Take on NBA Ref Scandal

Worth watching for certain:

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August 25, 2007

White Mountain Football

Hillarious. Alright, so I am a sports nut, a Wickenburg High graduate, and travel to all the road games. I love football and whether it is pro, college, high school, pop warner, or Madden '08, any football is good football.

Well, Arizona 3A football has been dominated by teams from the White Mountains in the east near Sunrise Park Resort. Teams like Blue Ridge, Snowflake, Show Low, Round Valley, Payson, and so on have won title after title in Arizona. Their fans have set up the "White Mountain Smack Board" for folks to go and talk football.

So I write under a pseudonym and go by Bill. I don't think people really got that it was a fake name. I am a prolific blogger in that I spend most of the day either writing at my site, posting at other sites, or working the bulletin board at WMF. And I happen to know a thing or two about football and several things about the history of 3A football in AZ. Well, gradually, people have realized who I am. Not by name, but I write there so much that people forget that my name is Justin Blackburn, I graduated in 1993, played Offensive and Defensive Line, Wrestled Varsity, and in my own right was a fairly outspoken and intelligent member of the community. Literally, I was sitting in the stands and people were asking my friend Clay if "Bill was here" because he had posted something about their kid or they wanted to meet him. Other people come up to me that I have known since I was a kid in school and they start calling me Bill. The coach thinks my name is Bill.

It is awesome. If someone said that Justin Blackburn was here, no one would know who that is, but you say Bill Lundbergh, and folks know. And that name is a fluke solely because of a misspelling mishap when I registered. It was supposed to be Lumberg, not Lundbergh after the boss in Office Space.

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Europe vs. USA (h/t Joel at Say Anything)

This is awesome.

Europe vs. USA

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August 22, 2007

Template Changes to Site

I have been making template changes to the site most of the day today. You may have noticed there was some weird stuff going on.

The top nav buttons and the sidebar have the biggest changes.

I added an rss feed from First Tracks Online as part of the main page in the right sidebar and changed the shape of the buttons at the top. I also change the placement of the links in the right sidebar and fixed the headings for each item in the sidebar.

I change the margins on the page slightly and changed the text to "justified".

Here are links to the pics:

Best way to view them is to open both at the same time in different browser windows.

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August 19, 2007

More Reasons to Love Big Sky

Big Sky is adding more lift capacity and acres to the largest resort in the country. Not like there is ever a line at Big Sky but the place keeps getting bigger and better.

BIG SKY, Mont. — Big Sky continues to prove itself as an industry leader in providing the most lift accessible terrain and uncrowded slopes with the introduction of Dakota Lift. The triple chair will improve access to Bavarian Forest and the recently opened 212 acres of Dakota Territories adding more capacity to the biggest skiing in America.

Big Sky has long focused on keeping lift capacity comfortably higher than the demand, now boasting an uphill lift capacity of 25,000 riders per hour with an average of 2,000 skiers and riders per day. Big Sky will offer 3,812 acres of skiable terrain accessed by 21 lifts and Lone Peak Passholders have access to over 5,500 acres.

The Dakota lift is located on the south face of Lone Mountain below Liberty Bowl. The fixed-grip lift will load below the Hippy Highway and the top station is located near Gate 2 of Bavarian Forest. The Dakota lift is 3,100 feet long and has a vertical rise of 1,210 feet. The lift ride time will be eight minutes.

Dakota Territories is primarily open bowl skiing at an intermediate angle. The run out includes well-spaced, natural glades that border Bavarian Forest, which offers endless variations of black diamond glades through the trees that are both natural and thinned. Both runs contain plenty of natural rollers and kickers before reaching the bottom.

The lift is the first half of a two-lift system providing a second access point to terrain on Lone Peak, currently being serviced by the Lone Peak Tram. The second lift, planned for construction next year will take skiers up to the Yeti Traverse accessing Big Sky’s famous wide-open, steep, above tree-line runs like Marx, Lenin and the Dictator Chutes.

“This is a skier’s mountain first and foremost,” said Big Sky Resort General Manager, Taylor Middleton. “Skiers have flocked from across the world for the massive terrain off the Lone Peak Tram. Our new Dakota lift just makes America’s Biggest Skiing even bigger.”

Every year, I struggle when the ski magazines don't have Big Sky among the top resorts in the country. The place is massive, offers every single type of run there is including some of the best double black skiing in the country. Cliffs. Groomers. A tram. A Gondola.

If you have not been there or are sick of the outlandish prices at Vail and Aspen, take a trip to Montana. Big Sky would be my favorite place to ski if it wasn't so far from Arizona. I am a driver, not a flyer, so Big Sky is just out of range unless I am vacationing in Montana at my Mom's (which I am planning to do this winter).

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August 17, 2007

New Winter Trail Map for Brian Head

Brian Head Resort has just released the new trail map for 2007-08.

2007-08 Brian Head Trail Map

I am not sure what to make of the interconnect on the Giant Steps side of things. I don't like cross-traffic flows and it seems like the resort added some trails that aren't really new in an effort to bump their stats on new runs.

But the changes are welcome. I want to check the new runs off of the ridge on Giant Steps as looking at the face under the lift, the ridge looks about as steep as anything on the mountain. The other runs off of the new Giant Steps lift look like they were put there simply for less skilled skiers because under the lift is so steep.

Anyway, check the PDF's at the link for more details.

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August 13, 2007

Man vs. Wild (Not as Wild as We Thought)

Imagine crossing the desert, fighting for your life against the elements. Risking death. Crazy stuff.

Well, not so much. Check the video and see just how Wild things are for Man vs. Wild.

Ain't nothing but Mammals. Do it like they do on the Discovery Channel.

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Local Couple Receives Just Punishment

This from the Arizona Republic:

A Mesa couple suspected of molesting a 10-year-old girl has been found dead, the apparent victims of a murder-suicide.

Paul and Myrtis Gauthreaux were found Thursday morning on U.S. 60 in Gila County near Globe in their parked car.

The Gila County Sheriff's Office is investigating...

They were found holding hands and with a suicide note explaining their motive, a Gila County Sheriff's Office spokesman said. The spokesman declined to elaborate on the note's contents.

The couple was being investigated under the "innocent images" program operated by the FBI. The program seeks to investigate cases of child pornography on the Internet.

Fox News is a pretty polarizing subject. I won't go into details about Bill O'Reilly and my thoughts on him, but in this case, he did society a favor:

Paul and Myrtis Gauthreaux were wanted by the FBI for engaging in sexual conduct with minors and appeared on a segment of the show that profiled alleged child pornographers.

After seeing the O’Reilly Factor segment, a relative of the couple called them before notifying the FBI of their whereabouts. When federal investigators arrived at their home, the Gauthreauxs had fled to an undisclosed location. The FBI said Paul Gauthreaux shot his wife dead before turning the gun on himself.

The child victim that the Gauthreauxs photographed in online photos was later identified and found safe.

Enjoy hell guys. Since I am posting Bloodhound Gang lyrics in the Man vs. Wild post, I will add the following for this:

  • But if I go to hell well then I hope I burn well
  • I'll spend my days with J.F.K., Marvin Gaye, Martha Raye, and Lawrence Welk
  • And Kurt Cobain, Kojak, Mark Twain and Jimmy Hendrix' poltergeist
  • And Webster yeah Emmanuel Lewis cuz he's the anti-christ

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August 12, 2007

The Busy Time

The last two days marked the arrival of my Cardinals and ASU season tickets in the mail. Suns season is getting ready to start and I am trying to get a handle on my upcoming schedule:

  • Tuesday Nights - Jake's Pop Warner Practice
  • Thursday Nights - Jake's Pop Warner Practice
  • Friday Nights - Wickenburg Football
  • Saturday Days - Jake's Pop Warner Games
  • Saturday Nights (8 Home Games) - ASU Football
  • Sunday Days - Cardinals Football

And that is only until Halloween when Basketball season starts and the Suns get added to the mix.

I am finishing up a couple major projects right now including tiling the downstairs bathroom at the condo. I am bordering on overwhelmed. I have two active businesses, including this site. Plus I still have my day job.

So the net of this is that I am selling several sets of tickets to the Cardinals and Suns. I know that right now I will be selling opening week tickets to the Suns vs. Lakers and Suns vs. Cavaliers the first week of November. These will be $100 per ticket for the two tickets that are in Section 211 Row 7 and include a parking pass at the Collier Center. I am selling my Cardinals vs. Pittsburgh in Section 436 row 7 for $100-150 per ticket depending on the going rate. The nice thing is that the Suns and Cardinals offer a new site called Suns or Cardinals Ticket Exchange that allows the selling of tickets and immediate printing for the buyer as opposed to FedExing like StubHub and other sites (Craig's List, Ebay).

Suns and Cardinals have sold out for the season and last year, my Suns vs. Lakers tickets fetched over $100 each and were not for the season opener. I am going to be selling a decent amount of games, so if you are local or just are interested in attending a game, I can paypay and sell tickets. Lemme know what games you are interested in and we can discuss price.

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August 10, 2007

One Week Job

Ian who was formerly at "Drift" - see sidebar - has a new project that is well worth checking out:

One Week Job

How it works is simple!

Any individual or corporation from across the country can offer me a job for one week. The job could be absolutely anything, anywhere in Canada, from garbage collection in Toronto, to working the counter at a Starbucks in Kelowna, to working the family farm in southern Saskatchewan, to a suit and tie corporate position in Halifax.

After finishing my degree, I made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t settle for a career that I am not truly passionate about. My goal is to gain a better understanding of what this career would look like and inspire the many others of my generation in similar situations to commit to going after their passions.

Any proceeds you are willing to pay me for my weeks work will be donated to the Make Poverty History campaign, dedicated to tackling the issue of child poverty in Canada. Yes, there is child poverty in Canada. Make sure to read more about it and what you can do in the ‘child poverty’ section!

I am continuing to travel the country week to week, working different jobs and recording my experiences with blog entries and video clips posted to the homepage.

Sure beats the hell out of touring the country doing nothing. Figuring life out, travelling, donating to help poverty. Props bro.

Ian is a good guy and has been awesome to work with. We post stuff back and forth and his new project is pretty cool. He does great work editing things and putting the whole package together.

Stop by and wish him the best. And if nothing else, it is awesome to talk trash and I make sure to ask him "aboot" Canada. The first episode is from Toronto and you get the Quebec French Canadian Accent too. Damn, it is worth checking just for that alone.

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August 09, 2007

Ron Paul Sucks

Ron Paul Sucks - This post details why Ron Paul is such an idiot. Check out the reasons in this post.

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Ron Paul Troll-bots

There are "troll bots" that run around posting comments on blogs about how great Ron Paul is. In case you don't know, he is a Republican (Libertarian) Presidential Candidate.

Note, that this is simply an experiment to see how long it takes before the trollbots show up at my site and start posting comments.

I believe that they simply patrol technorati and so forth and look for XML feeds about Ron Paul, then rush over to post at those sites and say how great he is to try to generate buzz. And as quickly as they showed up on your blog, they are gone again.

So I am posting this in a separate entry from the "Ron Paul Sucks" entry just to see how many of them jump on the link to try to troll my site.

It is summer and I am bored. Troll away boys. Plus it helps my site stats with more visits.

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August 08, 2007


So Monday started a new era for young Jacob. Welcome to the world of football.

Jake went to his first football game--a Rattlers Playoff Game (Arena)--when he was 3 months old. In August that year, he went to his first ASU games (several) when he was 8-9 months. That year, he was on my shoulders watching Blue Ridge in the title games against Boys Ranch then later, Payson. The last 5 years, he has been on my hip working the chains in Wickenburg. Add in a Monday night game when Steve Young's career ended and Sun Devils games... yeah, he has seen plenty of football.

Now he is a football PLAYER. He has never seen the work that goes into it. He watches games and has not been through a practice. Seeing him soaked in sweat and seeing Tera watching practice and keep asking me "How many of those running things are they gonna do?" "Isn't that a bit much for a 10 year old?" "Isn't that coach being too hard on them?"

It is so fun to think of him as the six year old crying halfway down the mountain at Sunrise or the toddler on my shoulders at a high school game. 5th Grade started Monday. I feel older every day.

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Learn about Flagstaff History

This just in from Arizona Snowbowl:

Join us on Friday, August 10, 2007 at Agassiz Lodge for the History of Flagstaff Skiing presented by Jane Jackson, a very gifted volunteer interpreter for the Coconino National Forest. This special event is open to the public and is sure to be a great evening. We especially would like your help to spread the word to your friends, past employees and those that you believe would enjoy learning or sharing the history of our local ski area. We also want to encourage all of you who have photos, articles, or stories about the Arizona Snowbowl to bring them along to share. We want to gather and inventory archives; we will have a scanner available to scan in your old photos.

The evening begins with a FREE Scenic Skyride from 4:00 to 5:00 PM. We will be serving our famous “high altitude BBQ” from 5:00 to 7:00 PM with the presentation of The History of Skiing in Flagstaff at 6:30 PM.

We would like to have many of the past employees from the 1960’s, 70’s, and 80’s and those “old time skiers” attend this event so help us spread the word and share their stories.
Please call (928) 779-1951 x118 with any questions.

I would so totally be there, but young Jacob is playing Pop Warner and they have practice. More on that to come.

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This from the AZ Republic:

Graffiti vandals have reached new heights in Chandler - the top of the unfinished Elevation Chandler structure, a high-rise hotel that has languished at Loop 101 and the Santan Freeway for more than a year.

"How they got up there, I don't know . . . was it dangerous? Sure it was," said Chandler Planning Director Doug Ballard, who noticed the large, elaborate graffiti on the eight-story concrete and steel skeleton Monday. He said developer Jeff Cline promised to paint over the vandalism by Friday, but there is still no news about if and when the project will be finished.


I am so not condoning or encouraging Tagging, but this is some Ballz right here. This is Chandler PD getting p0wnd.

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