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July 30, 2007

New Car - VW Passat

Live Earth didn't impact my decision to by a car that gets 32 MPG. Global Warming didn't factor in trying to cut the use on the big SUV down. But gas prices sure did.

That my friends is the free market. Gas prices rise and people have economic incentive to cut back on their fuel usage. Problem is that this means we have three cars instead of two.

So what does that mean for America? More folks like me in the suburbs making a solid upper middle class income are choosing to instead of downsize their big SUV's, to buy third vehicles.

DETROIT, May 25 — With gas prices well over $3 a gallon nationwide, many drivers are lining up to buy small cars.

But hundreds of thousands of consumers aren’t giving up anything to downsize. Instead, they are simply adding pint-size transportation to their driveways, parked alongside their S.U.V. or pickup.

In households that own a small car, the family fleet is close to an average of three vehicles, according to CNW Marketing Research, which tracks industry trends (the national average is just over two cars per household; America was a one-car-per-family nation a generation ago).

These growing fleets suggest an approach to conservation that is more addition than subtraction.

What environmental statement does this testiment to our wealth send? Did I really do the environment a favor to cut gas consumption without cutting the miles that I drive and by having an automaker produce another vehicle that undoubtedly requires far more greenhouse gases to mine the metal, produce the electricity to build, transport across the Atlantic, and eventually save a few miles to the gallon?

I am gonna say that this is a net negative to the environment. Every single SUV that is traded in for a Prius is gobbled up by some family in the suburbs. They aren't retired and recycled. My Avy has 150k miles on it and I have no intention of selling it (but then again, I couldn't if I wanted to with 150k miles).

But all that said, the thing is pimped. Way better than our Jetta. More HP, bigger interior, and surprisingly even better mileage than the smaller Jetta. I will post pics shortly.

Posted by Justin at July 30, 2007 01:29 PM


VW"S are great cars! I had 3. My grandaddy bought me a VW Rabbit for easter one year. I loved that car. Before he died he took me shopping for another car and I got a convertable VW Rabitt. I loved it too. BUT I had another baby so I had to get a little bigger car. I went for a Jetta. I ran over a tire in the middle of the highway and decided to go Honda. I think you are really going to love your new VW!...

Posted by: Zsa Zsa at August 6, 2007 11:41 AM