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May 03, 2007

Suns Down Lakers in 5 (12)

I called in to Kevin Ray and Suns Talk last night and will repeat some of my comments after watching the Lakers' season end for the second year in a row at US Airways Center.

First, seven of the eight Suns Players had at least one assist. Second, all eight players scored at least seven points. As usual, Marion, Nash, Barbosa, and Amare did most of the damage, but the Suns got solid performances from the rest of the team. And it started early with Raja and Junior knocking down threes in the first minutes of the game. Third, the Lakers had just seven assists as a team. Sure, Kobe and Odom scored plenty of points, but that is a product of them taking tons of shots. The rest of the team may as well have not shown up.

Final note--the chants of "Kobe Sucks", "MVP", or "Beat LA" are getting pretty old. Actually, about as old as doing the wave.

Now, on to San Antonio on Sunday. Last night was nothing like game seven last year because there was no sense of urgency. Now, every game against the Spurs is critical, but most important is to win the first two at home.

Posted by Justin at May 3, 2007 12:14 PM