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April 25, 2007

Suns - Lakers (14)

Boredom. It reminded me of my oldest son fighting with my middle son. We knew who was going to win. Sure, it was fun for a while, but then it is no longer fun, it is just plain mean. Last night was just plain mean.

Poor Kobe. Getting booed constantly. Then when he turned his ankle, the crowd chanted "Kobe Sucks" in unison. 15 points. That damned Raja Bell shouldn't be able to stop Kobe, but there he was again, holding Kobe to 1-6 over the last three quarters of Game 2.

Listening to Phil Jackson's press conference after the game said it all. "Do you have an answer for LB?" Nope. "How do you stop their fast break?" No idea, they ran at will on us. "How do you beat the Suns?" Don't know that either.

I don't ever want to say it is over when the other team has the best player in the NBA. Now, the question becomes can the Lakers even win a game. I really don't think they can, regardless of how good Kobe is. The problem is their other 4 on the court with him. They may as well not even be there offensively. Kobe tried to get them involved last night, but the Lakers are at their best when Kobe scores 39, 45, 50 points and in Game 1 that was not enough. There is no chemistry. There is no team. There is Kobe and a bunch of role players--their roles being to feed Kobe the rock and rebound his misses. And when Kobe goes into his pouty, "I'm going to pretend to be a team player" mode, the Lakers are even worse. They get embarrassed. See Game 7 last year.

The number is 14. 2 Down, 14 to go. Jer said it best last night in an e-mail to me:

i have to say that one play pretty much showed what this team is all about; an open court breakaway by barbosa in which he forgoes the easy layup to let marion take the poster dunk. after hoisting that spiffy sixth man tropy before the sellout crowd, he scores 26 instead of 28. i dont think that kobe passes that ball off, instead he pulls a crazy dunk on his breakaway to cut the lead to 28 instead of 30. i think that you lay that one in kobe, we were not impressed. in a nutshell, a lakers dynasty came to an end when kobe and shaq could not contain their egos.

Kazaam. The Diesel. The Big Aristotle. Kwame Brown ain't Shaq and the Lakers are the Kobe show now. Kobe got what he wanted. The spotlight. Last night, the Lakers fans didn't even show up. Only one or two here or there. They knew it wasn't even worth coming to. Unfortunately for them, this is the last time we will see the Lakers this year in Phoenix.

Posted by Justin at April 25, 2007 01:17 PM