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April 23, 2007

Press Conferences and Team Play - Magic Number '15'

From my e-mail sent to Jeremy after the game:

Yesterday, Raja, Boris, and Junior went 4 for 16 from the field and 0 for 8 from three while playing 80 minutes. 10 points combined. As a team we went 6-23 from 3. But we had the inside game and Barbosa’s energy to get us through it. Last year’s team had LB, but he wasn’t near what he has been this year. He is a star and then some. And Amare was getting easy buckets down low and trips to the line over and over. Last year, we lose yesterday’s game, but this year, we play a horrible game and manage to be up 1-0. Best part—15 of 33, 39pts, 1—ONE ASSIST. His quote after the game:

“We didn’t execute like we did in the first half. As a consequence my touches became a lot harder because they could double and triple me. First half we did a good job picking off the ball, I was able to catch it and operate. Second half, we got away from it.”

Translation--It was my teammates’ fault because they didn’t do enough to pick for me and get me the ball, so I had to shoot over double and triple teams. I mean, I tried to get my teammates involved and gave them plenty of chances to pass the ball to me and let me shoot, but aside from passing me the ball, they didn’t work hard enough to get me open so I could shoot it. I mean come on, I had one assist, so I was trying to get them involved. I only shot 33 times.

Wow. I mean, this is solid stuff right there. Throw your teammates under the bus, don't blame yourself for missing shots or for continuing to shoot over double and triple teams.

Suns 1 - Lakers 0.

And even better:

Denver 1 - San Antonio 0
Golden State 1 - Dallas 0

One down, fifteen more.

Posted by Justin at April 23, 2007 12:11 PM