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April 17, 2007

Heroes of VA Tech

This is off of Hotnews and is inspiring.

Israeli professor of Romanian origin Liviu Librescu numbers among those killed in the Virginia Tech University massacre on Monday. According to the International Herald Tribune, Librescu sacrificed his life to save his students. He had blocked the access to the his class so that students can run from the attacker.

Librescu, 77, was teaching at the Virginia Tech University for 20 years.

Israeli media also announce the death of Liviu Librescu. The online edition of the Jerusalem Post reports that he was shot to death, while writes that he was killed during his attempt to block the access to the class.

Alec Calhoun, a student who witnessed his death, told the Associated Press that he saw her teacher blocking the door to the class while some of her colleagues were hiding, while others were jumping out of the window.

The professor had been driven to school by his wife less than an hour before he was shot.

AP writes that his wife Marlina and sons Arieh and Joe have already started to prepare for his burial in Israel.

His daughter-in-law Ayala has said the professor was very passionate of his work and a dedicated family man, while University colleagues described him as a “real gentleman”.

Liviu Librescu graduated the Politechnical University in Bucharest in 1952 with a specialization in aeronautical engineering. In 1972, he received the Traian Vuia Award of the Romanian Academy of Sciences.

In 1979-1886 he served as mechanical engineering professor at the Tel Aviv University.

According to, he and his wife were survivors of the Holocaust who immigrated to Israel from Romania in 1978.

That is what a hero is. Self sacrifice to save others.

Posted by Justin at April 17, 2007 06:29 PM


Justin.. Cho's videos are so deranged! When I think of the professor that blocked the door, I can't help but cry. What is even sicker is the Rosie O's of the world are taking this opportunity to try to change the Bill Of Rights 2nd ammendment. I really believe many of those kids would be alive today if someone had been armed. It really makes me sick...

Posted by: Zsa Zsa at April 18, 2007 05:46 PM

Justin...The more I watched Cho's videos, the more I have decided that this creep was more like an AlQaeda terrorist type of person. Very angry and very very filled with hate. Believe it or not I have never truly been a gun advocate until this gosh awful event. I feel totally different now. That is sad... I thought I would come over and tell you that I just griped Jadegold out at WILLisms. HA!

Posted by: Anonymous at April 20, 2007 06:04 PM