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March 10, 2007


It is spring break for Jake and Jarrett so we are prepping to head back north for a bit. A quick check of the weather at BH--mid-50's all week. Not a cloud or storm in sight.

I got an e-mail last week asking the following:

I don't know if you will have this info, but if not, maybe you can point me in the right direction. Do you know if there is enough snow to ski Sunrise at the end of March. I am trying to put together a trip with some friends, but it would be a real disappointment if there is not going to be decent skiing.

Bad news folks--it has been a light snow year down south despite the promise of an El Nino year. BH is sitting right at 200" with less than a month to go and a normal snowfall of approximately 400". Sunrise has a 20-40" base and it was 60 there yesterday. Might want to bring an extra $50 for P-tex or rent some skis. Here is my response:

It is pretty sparce right now. They have a 30-39" base right now and today it was almost 85 in PHX. That means it is in the high to mid 50's at Sunrise. I am betting that they have maybe another week or two at most of being open before the snow is gone.

Honestly, this weekend or next will probably be the last that they are open unless there is another big storm (which mid-March or later storms are pretty rare) and it would take a 1-2' storm to keep them open.

Sorry to disappoint, and I could be (and hope I am) wrong.

Point is--if you enjoy skiing, don't wait around. The season is almost over and especially down south, this may be the last weekend or certainly the last week upcoming.

Another season almost in the books and I am stuck around 10 DAYS! I had 25 in last year at this point. 10 DAYS! Do you know how bad that sucks considering I have a condo at the base of a resort and work a job where I can go skiing almost whenever I want? That is how bad the snow has been. It started late and if not for the 5-6' the last week of Feb, I may not even have in 10 days. The base barely got deeper than the stumps and gravel at Brian Head and if I am scared to cut through the trees or off to the side of a run, it takes most of the fun out of things.

So mutter a quick prayer under your breath that there will be a freakish storm system in mid-March that dumps 5-10' over the next month so we get even close to a normal snowpack and so that I can get closer to 20 days.


I have the top off of the Wrangler today and it is mid-80's in PHX. That is the downside of spring. The weather gets so beautiful that you start having other stuff to do besides ski.

WEAR SUNSCREEN. On the slopes. In the Jeep. Now is when you get the racoon eyes and it ain't fun to have your face peeling.

Posted by Justin at March 10, 2007 12:32 PM