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March 04, 2007

Deseret News Has New Vocabulary For Skiers/Boarders

Deseret News has a new list of ski terms for 2007:

As part of its winter at Westminster program, Westminster College held a skiing/snowboarding jargon contest in January and February, inviting its skier-students, as well as the general public, to submit skiing and snowboarding words that aren't in the dictionary to a Web site called

When the smoke had cleared, some 70 words and phrases had been submitted, topped by the winning entry, "Chowda," sent in by Alan Miller, who won a couple of ski passes, although no dictionary, for his effort.

Chowda — to fall on one's face, causing one to "chow on some powda."

A sampling:

  • Free refills: skiing/riding the same run over and over because it's snowing so hard your tracks keep filling in.
  • "Sorry, dude": how a snowboarder says hello.
  • Sup: how a snowboarder really says hello.
  • Still spill: to make it to the bottom of the run successfully and then fall over for no explicable reason.
  • Texas stretch pants: blue jeans.
  • The kind: really, really good; almost perfect.
  • Touron: mix between tourist and moron.
  • Two foot flu: condition that strikes employee/student after it has snowed 2 feet.

First, I highlighted my favorites. Second, "The Kind" probably transcends skiing and snowboarding. For information on what "The Kind" really stands for, you might want to check their website. But I will spoil it for you--it is a marijuana reference. Actually, they changed their pro-pot website to an anti-war website. I mean, get baked and bash the Bush Administration as being akin to Nazi War Criminals and talk about the WTO conspiracies all over a latte...

This highlights the hilarity of Utah and of Deseret News. There are two newspapers in Utah--Deseret and the SLC Tribune. Deseret is the Mormon run paper and SLC Trib is the non-Mormon (and previously militant non-Mormon). It makes sense that the editors at the Deseret News let that one slip by. I don't think they quite got it. I am not going to knock Utah too much, but there is a sense of Mormon Myopia that you get in Utah. Best snow on Earth, but all kinds of strange quirks about the state that just make it so easy to make fun of.

Posted by Justin at March 4, 2007 11:11 AM


Skier and boarder jargon is hilarious. i did a post a while back about it and it still gives me a chuckle to read through.

Posted by: ianmackenzie at March 8, 2007 12:19 PM