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March 02, 2007

A Good Waxing

Jake and Jackson asked me how come dad and I got our skis waxed twice already this year and they don't remember ever having theirs waxed. I'm selfish...

Jake comes over and says look at my bases and showed them to me. He literally told me that he thought they needed some P-tex. He hears me talk about getting my stuff tuned and now he thinks he knows something. And yeah, they needed some P-Tex. =)

The dude in Brian Head Sports hooked me up this last week. First, I had a powder day emergency with my new K2's. I showed up 30 minutes before the lifts opened and had no bindings. He sold me a set of Salomons and had them on within 20 minutes. Next day, we got Jake and Jacko's skis tuned and he hooked us up on them too.

Note--tip the folks at the gear shops too. Especially when they give you good service. They work for next to nothing so that they can ride all winter and an extra $20-30 goes a long way. After I tipped him the first time, he remembered me and will take care of me from then on. Not because I tipped him, but because I appreciated the work he did. If you are gonna drop $500-600 on skis, don't be too cheap to tip the guys who work on your gear. Tip $5 when you get a wax. Just little stuff. If you see the guys in the lodge, buy them a drink or a lunch. They keep your gear working and lots of times they will point out stuff that you may not know.

Posted by Justin at March 2, 2007 09:58 PM