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February 19, 2007

Ski Journal is Out

The new edition of the Ski Journal just arrived.

My wife gets the new mag from the mailbox. “What kind of magazine is this? There are no articles. It is like all pictures.”

She apparently is looking for some Cosmo ski quiz on how to find your soul mate or what kind of sexual positions skiers like or whatever they print about Britney or Justin or Tom Cruise in the trash magazines she reads these days. It is rude to drive, talk on a cell phone, smack the kids, all while holding a latte—and try to read at the same time. I am waiting to get home the check it out.

“It is a coffee table magazine,” I explained, “and this is their first edition.” She continues thumbing through it trying to see what a coffee table ski magazine is supposed to look like. All she keeps saying is that the pictures are awesome.

Score one for mankind. Coffee tables used to be for setting down my bowl of Cap’n Crunch, resting my feet on, and for the Xbox controllers and TV remotes. I gotta figure out which one of the three to move, but the new Ski Journal is going on mine.

Posted by Justin at February 19, 2007 01:53 AM


Sounds similar to the Surfers Journal.

Posted by: Anthony Barba at February 19, 2007 06:45 AM