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February 15, 2007

New Gear - K2 Silencer Twin Tips

After the recent thefts at the condo complex, I have taken pictures of all of my gear. This is important because if my stuff gets jacked, the insurance needs proof of what I had stolen.

Pictures can be found here.

Now, on another note, since I didn't want to leave my Valentine's Day present up to my wife, I stopped by Sports Chalet before buying her new earings and bought myself a little present. (nope, no Ferrari or pump action this year)

These are the new K2 Silencers in a 179. Twin Tips with a black top side and fat pistol w/ a silencer on the base. I have a set of Atomic Stomp 186's that run 118/88/114 and are sick heavy and too wide. Not enough sidecut for groomers. But man are they awesome in pow. These new K2's run 112/80/108 or thereabouts and are shorter. I wanted something lighter (and they are not as stiff or as thick as my stomps) so that I can cruise groomers and maybe hit the park. I will throw a 180 here or there, but you gotta have twins and my others take too much effort to really spin. So this is pair number 3 of skis for me. A set of Powder skis, some Groomer carvers, and a nice set of twins.

Best part--$209 end of season deal. It was like stealing. Her new earings were more than that, so she still came out OK.

Posted by Justin at February 15, 2007 11:13 PM