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January 20, 2007

Skiers versus Snowboarders - Brian Head Horror Story

I am talking to Cynthia, my neighbor down the hall at Brian Head. Way cool lady from Vegas who we run into most busy weekends including over Christmas and this last weekend.

Turns out that some jerks broke into her ski storage closet between Christmas and MLK weekend. Get this--they stole two Burton boards, but left about $2500 worth of skis behind. They didn't even want to waste time with the skis, just the boards.

I pulled my powder skis into the condo and brought the Burton board into the condo too. Sure, they can get stolen from the condo too, but I have double deadbolts on both the condo and the storage closet. She only had one lock. I checked my closet and some jerk with a screwdriver had tried to break into mine too.

So not to sound like a two plank wank, but why the hell do all the gear thefts involve snowboards, not skis? Cynthia didn't have condo insurance, which double sucks. I do, so if someone steals my gear, it isn't going to hurt as bad. I left the old kids skis in the gear locker, so if you want a four year old of K2 Jr. Escapes in a 125 or a pair of crusty Rossy 109 kids skis, have at it. I hope you have fun busting into my locker and wish you well if you want to tote them down the three flights of stairs.

If you dig on stealing stuff or if you need to steal to afford your snowboarding habit, I offer three alternatives to fix the situation--charge the kids on the football team a little more for their reefer; get into the more lucrative side of theft and crime; or stop wasting your money on the ganj unless you are willing to make a career out of being a lowlife.

Disgusting. Gear thiefs are the lowest form of life their [damn that grammer and my inability to use there and their] is and I hope that karma bites you for it. I hope that you steal an avalance beacon from someone's locker and it is defective while you are in the backcountry and that a freek sluff sends you to meet the ski Gods who will punish you for your lack of faith. There is no repentence for being a gear thief and eventually the punishment will catch up with you.

Posted by Justin at January 20, 2007 12:55 AM


easy with the sterotypes sucka

Posted by: bry at January 23, 2007 10:08 AM

If people would just steal my skis. That is all I am saying.

You know what the deal is--I paid almost $1200 for my skis, boots, and bindings. Yet the gear thiefs steal a $200 board and leave a $1000 set of skis.

I am just jealous that no one wants my gear.

Posted by: Justin at January 23, 2007 10:49 AM

Well, part of it is snowboarding is still big with young people, who often don't exercise the best judgement. However, if snowboarding didn't exist, they're probably have taken the skis.

The other thing to consider is you can change the settings/mounts on a board in about 10 minutes with a screw driver. Heck, you can sell the board and bindings seperately on ebay, no questions asked. Skis typically require knowledge of how to drill the bindings on... not to mention the used binding market with skis is pretty weak.

Posted by: bill at January 30, 2007 07:21 PM