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January 15, 2007

Major Power Outage and -15 Degree Temps at Brian Head

How do you top the misery of riding the lift in sub zero temperatures? Why having a power outage while you are doing it. Bad things at Brian Head today. Not sure what caused the problems, but the power went out at around midnight last night and did not come back until after 11:00 AM. The it was spotty for the rest of the day with brief 10-20 minute outages. Cable did not come back until after the Seattle-Chicago game was over, so we missed it.

Brian Head had all the lifts but Giant Steps closed down until power was restored (since I believe Giant Steps has a diesel generator). Because Navajo was shut down, there was no place for Jarrett to go today. We sent Jake and Jackson over to Giant Steps while I took care of Jarrett and nursed what appears to be a case of the flu with my second sinus infection of the year. I slept for 16 hours on Saturday and came home at around 1:00 PM from skiing feeling horrible.

Conditions are still sketchy in many places and I still bottomed out on some rocks yesterday on Dunes. The latest snowstorm only dropped about a foot of snow and the base still isn't where it needs to be. Combine that with -10 degree temps, power outages, and the holiday crowds, it isn't exactly epic conditions. The snow is good in spots, but choppy from the wind, the traffic, and the lack of a good base.

We are going to give it a go tomorrow since the power problems and the crowds seem to be improving. Good news is that we got a lot of work done on the condo today and got it buttoned up earlier than expected. Painting and drywall texturing. Good times.

Posted by Justin at January 15, 2007 12:43 AM


sounds like we are all in a deep freeze. I wouldn't want to be the poor chap caught on the chair with -15 temps. It happened at Breck last Sunday. I think those stuck on the lifts received a free lift pass for another day. But, ouch.

Today was cold here too. It warmed up to 4*.

Thanks for the update. I didn't think BH got that cold.

thanks for keeping us informed.

And congrats on the renovation.

Jon L.

Posted by: Jonathan Lawson at January 15, 2007 10:39 PM

You should come up to Santa Fe. Yeah, it's been cold, but it's been snowing every weekend since December. 19" last weekend with another storm coming in tomorrow night. Not sure what the totals on the year are, but must be close to 130-140", and even still my board is taking a beating from the rocks. I'm not complaining though, the riding is great and a little bit more maintenance is a small price to pay to hit the fun stuff. Do you ever come up here?

Posted by: Gabe da Silveira at January 17, 2007 11:28 AM