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January 18, 2007

It is Official--Goodyear New Home to Cleveland Indians

The Arizona Republic reports that the deal is doen:

City leaders and top brass from the Cleveland Indians celebrated finalizing details that finance a new spring training facility in Goodyear.

With the smell of hot dogs wafting through the air, the City Council unanimously approved on Wednesday an intergovernmental agreement with the Arizona Sports and Tourism Authority that will pay for half of the $75 million spring training facility. City staff and developers have kicked into high gear to have the stadium ready for the first pitch by March 2009.

Larry Dolan, owner of the Cleveland Indians, and his son Paul, president of the team, flew to the Valley for the festivities. "This is a great, great day for the Cleveland Indians and the Dolan family," Paul Dolan said after presenting the City Council with a stack of Indian's T-shirts. "We very much look forward to a 20-year-plus relationship with the city of Goodyear."

Every time it comes on, I have to watch Major League. The plot revolves around how the owner wanted to move the team to Florida in a new stadium that they were going to build for her. The movie follows the team from their old spring training home in Tucson through the entire season and into the post season when they beat the Yankees. The players get wind of the plan to throw the season so that the Indians can move to Florida and decide to win it all just to spite her. The Indians are moving to my town in the new stadium that we built to lure them away from Florida.

We are an NL city and I am sitting right now wearing my grey and black pinstriped Diamondbacks Away Jersey. I pretty much hate every other team in the National League (except the Rockies because we were Rocks fans before the Diamondbacks game into existence), so I have adopted the Royals who moved to Surprise where we used to live and the Mariners who train in Peoria. My favorite jersey is my teal Mariners jersey. Now, I am an Indian fan. Chief Wahoo and all.

Posted by Justin at January 18, 2007 02:27 PM