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January 11, 2007

Huge Storm Coming to Brian Head

A major Arctic blast is on its way. Temps in the single digits and below zero. 30+ MPH winds. Oh yeah, and did I mention 2-3' of snow.

If you have never skied in below zero temps with a 30 mph wind, it is like heaven. You have the slopes to yourself. Every single inch of you is cold, but anything that is exposed is frozen. You take one run and then spend 45 minutes in the lodge thawing. The lift rides seem to take an hour and every time a lift stops, you have thoughts of killing someone and hiding the body under a drift. Real fun times here.

My son Jarrett usually wants to stay with Mom (yeah, he is a momma's boy) but last night he tells me that he "wants to go skiing with Jake and Jackson". My conditions are simple--don't fight the entire time while we are driving and don't whine the whole time we are there. Last time I took him to a Suns game, he needed earplugs and by the 4th quarter kept saying "I want to go home" and crying.

I am going over to Sports Authority to buy some long underwear for the kids. They are gonna need it. Hand and foot warmers are a must. Part of me is looking forward to a powder day, but the other part of me is from Arizona and my body isn't prepared for this kind of cold yet, if ever.

Posted by Justin at January 11, 2007 09:44 AM


Skiing in sub-zero temps is one of my favorite times to ski. As you said the runs are almost always empty, and if this is during a storm of any kind, it's some of the most beautiful times to be had. The problem is of course finding a face mask that won't create a snotsicle.

Other prime moments include:
- the look on a lifties face who has to stand outside to ensure everything happens right
- the rush to the warm water line while fighting off bits of frostbite
- the joy of hot chocolate or beer while warming up

Posted by: OPS at January 11, 2007 02:36 PM