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January 16, 2007



On April 14, 2004, 3 days after Easter Sunday, Corporal Dunham was manning a checkpoint in Karabilah, Iraq, when an insurgent leapt from his car and began choking Corporal Dunham. A scuffle ensued as two Marines approached to help. Reportedly, the last words from Corporal Dunham were, “No, No. Watch his hand.” Suddenly, the insurgent dropped a grenade. Corporal Dunham took off his Kevlar helmet, dropped to the ground, and covered the explosive as best he could.

The blast seriously wounded all 3 Marines. Eight days later, Corporal Jason L. Dunham died at Bethesda Naval Hospital from wounds he received in the incident. He was 22.

Corporal Dunham made the ultimate sacrifice, and in doing so saved the lives of his fellow Marines. Due to his actions on that fateful day, Corporal Dunham will be awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor.

Imagine caring so much about your fellow man that you are willing to sacrifice your life to save him.

Next time you are buying your latte from the kid with the two lip rings and jet black hair at Starbucks, imagine being his friend and hanging out. Ask yourself, if this kid was my friend and I loaned him $20, would he pay me back? If my car was broken down, could I call him and ask him to give me a lift?

Cpl. Dunham was 22 years old. He wasn't thinking about a Medal of Honor when he saw the grenade, I can promise you. There was nothing in it for him. That is what honor is. It is doing what is valiant without thinking, without weighing the rewards or consequences. It is a Freudian Slip where your thoughts and true nature come out.

Posted by Justin at January 16, 2007 11:27 PM