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January 30, 2007

Happy 30th Birthday

My little bro is turning 30 tomorrow. I really enjoyed the time that we spent skiing together and going to ballgames last year. I joke a lot about him working at a convenience store (and even more about getting fired from a convenience store), and I hope that his 30's are the most happy and productive years of his life.

It is amazing to think that Jake is 10 and he is 30. I always mark time by major milestones and a favorite picture of mine is Jake when he was 2 riding on his shoulders with the Arizona Cardinals AWA Jet in the background coming back from their playoff victory in Dallas over the Cowboys. That year, the Broncos won their second Superbowl over Atlanta.

Decades go by fast. It has been almost a decade since the Broncos won a Superbowl. He has seen the lists that I keep of "to do's" that I am constantly updating and crossing off items. I had one for college with every single course I needed to take and the planned semester that I was going to do it. Same thing for projects and patent applications, etc., at work. I look back at them to check my progress and to look at milestones.

Make a list of what is important and what you want to accomplish this next decade. Start checking those items off.

Posted by Justin at January 30, 2007 02:45 PM