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December 29, 2006

Powder Day, Rocks and Stumps, Wind Holds, and Core Shots

Still early season conditions, but plenty of fresh. Last night it snowed roughly a foot which was almost enough to cover the rocks that were still poking up. Worse yet, the entire upper mountain had gusts of up to 75 MPH overnight and into the morning which means two things--lifts on wind hold until 2:00 PM and whatever snow came down had relocated into wonderful drifts. So the upper mountain went something like this: lift, rocks, drift, rocks, drift, rocks, stump, rocks, drift.

We spent most of the morning until Giant Steps opened off of the Blackfoot lift poaching powder runs through the trees between Yaz and Desbah. We hit some great powder through the trees, but I also hit some nasty stuff below the surface. Stumps, rocks, all kinds of stuff that you would expect early in the season. Around 3:00, I stopped and took of the skis and had a nasty core shot that needed some Ptex and came fairly close to blowing out an edge.

Another great day on the mountain. Left a little early because my skis were in the shop, but my quads certainly got their workout in. By the last couple of runs, I was struggling to keep my skis parallel and burning through the powder. Jake and Jack continued to surprise me with their ability to hit almost anything on the mountain. I kept stopping to look back and they were right on my hip no matter how fast I was going.

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Sounds great.


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