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December 19, 2006

New Snow in Flag, but no Base to Open With

New Snow in Flag, but no base to open with according to the AZ Republic:

Snow predictions ranged from 2 to 4 inches in lower elevations to 4 to 8 inches above 6,000 feet and 5 to 10 inches in the White Mountains.

Although the storm is carrying plenty of cold air, not enough snow is likely to fall on the San Francisco Peaks, north of Flagstaff, to allow Arizona Snowbowl to open, said David Smith, publicist for the ski resort.

"We're thinking we might get a foot of snow, but we need a packed base of 2 to 3 feet," he said. "That takes a couple of big storms. We've been looking forward to a big one since October."

The benefits of Man Made Snow are incredible for making a stable base and preparing a resort for the natural stuff. Here is how it works:

1. Resorts start snowmaking as soon as night time temps drop into the low 20's and high 10's.
2. Resorts build a stable base.
3. Resorts begin getting natural snow and as soon as it arrives, it is compacted and the base is completed.
4. As more natural snow arrives, more of the resort opens.

Snowmaking is critical for building the base. It provides stability and the ability to open at least part of the mountain as soon as the natural stuff starts falling.

Here is the economic reality--Snowbowl is missing the Christmas period because of lack of a base and because of lack of snowmaking. They cannot open during the busiest time of the year most of the time. Christmas is when most resorts go into the black, and without a good Christmas, most resorts lose money for the year.

Yep, expect a late opening for Flag, yet Sunrise who has snowmaking should be open for the Christmas rush. The WMA tribe will get folks to stop at Hondah for some gambling and stay at local hotels in Pinetop or at the resort's hotels. And Flag will miss out on folks coming up the hill for skiing. Kids that go to NAU will not have jobs over the holidays. Ski shops will not sell skis. And if it continues long enough, Dave Smith at Snowbowl will be out of a job just like the kids that run the lifts and ski school because the ski area will stop bleeding and finally shut down.

Enjoy the Peaks this winter and enjoy the warm feeling that the Hopi Gods give people over the holiday season. Every kid in school in Phoenix that wants to go to Flag for some skiing over the winter break can thank the Hopi Gods for stealing their Christmas like Jim Carey in the Grinch. They don't want us there. They have not since their lawsuit over their religious freedom in 1979. They want our kids to stay home because the San Francisco Peaks are where their Gods created all life on Earth.

If I tried to shut down a business because Jesus told me to, people would flip. You cannot even put up a Christmas tree anymore. Hopis and their Gods can shut down any business they want, yet a display of the Ten Commandments is not allowed. You cannot even call the school break "Christmas Break", it is Winter Break. Yet the Hopi Gods are given opportunity after opportunity to prevail in Lawsuits by the same 9th Circuit that wants to eliminate all other religious displays.

I hope Snowbowl puts up a massive Christmas Tree and huge Menorah right at the top of the peak since Christians and Jews should have the same right to enjoy their religious freedom at the Peaks that the Hopis do since it is public land. But alas, Snowbowl would be crucified over something like that. Displaying Christian Symbols or celebrating the Christian faith over Christmas would violate the Hopis' religious freedom. Christians don't cover the mayor's car with urine and toilet paper when the city of Flagstaff doesn't display the Ten Commandments or put up a Nativity Scene, yet the opponents to Snowmaking and the Hopis do.

That my friends is Religious Freedom right there. I hope the Sierra Club supports Christians and Jews with exercising their religious freedom on public land they way they support the Hopis. Because that is what the Holiday Season is all about. Religious freedom--but only for religions that want ski resorts shut down.

Posted by Justin at December 19, 2006 12:42 PM