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November 27, 2006

Fighting Burnout for the Year

It is always weird to blog about personal stuff, but it has been a crazy year. I have been taking some time off of work with a short leave of absence after some personal issues this year and last (read burnout). Tera had two major surgeries last year as well as some other health issues after having Lindsey. I have been travelling and between my work travels and her medical problems, it has been a seriously long year.

This year, in addition to my regular job, I have been working on several personal projects as well as doing some patent work at my job. I am filing my fourth patent application of the year this week and it will be my seventh overall. Just stressful. Three kids, a job that requires travel, health problems, two homes--it gets you down.

That is part of why I love having the second home and a hobby that gives me a reason to get out of Phoenix and the grind and get into the mountains. After a fresh snowfall, the snow dampens the sound and if you find a nice run through the trees away from the gapers, everything is muted. It drowns out the life that most of us work to pay our bills and take care of the day to day. It is easy to envision living there and dropping all the cares of the world to work a night job as a waiter at the resort and ski everyday. It is a nice dream, but I got it pretty good with my work. I can't imagine taking a vow of poverty for the religion of skiing. I mean taking the vow to be a priest or a Jedi or something--yeah, but not to be a ski bum. I want freaking mind tricks and light sabres or wine and alter boys or something. I get enough powder days as it is.

So don't expect a ton of blogging over the next few. Football season is over for Wickenburg, it is too early for the Suns, ASU doesn't play until the bowl season, the Cardinals suck, the Broncos waived the white flag on the season by benching Jake, and all in all, I am just regrouping and trying to close out the last few things I need to do this year and prep for my next trip north. Waiting for the season to kick off and to close out 2006.

Posted by Justin at November 27, 2006 01:15 AM


dont' get too down on this stuff. it sounds like some powerful storms are working their way down from idaho and you should get some good snow soon. it the northeast its been overly warm/dry so nothing is pending skiing wise currently.

Posted by: akr at November 28, 2006 02:34 PM

i cant see the logic of benching a guy who has a 750+ win % (and the first afc champinship appearance since #7 retired) for a rookie when you are leading the wild card race by one game!!! lets face it... the chargers are goood!! (but beatable) they played us great at home and lets face it... 5 straight years of losing in kc in close games including last year (13-3). those games were in reach but certainly not lost singlehandedly by #16. cutler had better be the next friggin tom brady because i still think jake can lead us far into the playoffs. one positive thing though. oter teams will try to blitz the hell out of cutler (who has one of the best o-lines in the game) and create man coverage for walker and/or smith. also how about the 6 + prime time appearances for denver (AMERICA'S TEAM MY ASS!!!!)

Posted by: JD at November 28, 2006 09:24 PM

Look at Brian Griese's stats while in Denver:

  • 62% Completions
  • 85+ passer rating
  • One Playoff Appearance in 4 years as a starter

Jake has taken the Broncos to the playoffs in three consecutive years, has won 75% of his games, and taken them to last years AFC Championship game.

The mastermind is famous for playing headgames with his QB's:

DENVER (Sept. 8, 2002) -- The Denver Broncos were a field goal away from replacing Brian Griese with Steve Beuerlein in the fourth quarter.

Fortunately for Griese, St. Louis kicker Jeff Wilkins missed.

Griese passed for 202 yards and two touchdowns and led Denver on a 71-yard drive for the deciding score as the Broncos beat the Rams 23-16.

Griese played a solid first half -- 10 of 16 for 110 yards -- but was booed after two interceptions and a fumble in the third quarter.

Beuerlein began warming up as Wilkins lined up for a tying field goal midway through the fourth, but was called back when the kick came up short.

"Well, thoughts went through my mind in the third quarter when we were a little flat," Broncos coach Mike Shanahan said. "If they had kicked that field goal, I felt we would have needed a spark."

Shanahan left Griese in. He responded by hitting 4 of 4 passes for 56 yards on the deciding drive. Griese capped it with a 23-yard touchdown pass to Ed McCaffrey that put the Broncos up 23-13 with 5:55 left.

Drafting Cutler was a good move, except that you have a QB who is winning and went to the AFC Championship game the year before. Now Ron Dayne, Watts, Ashley, Jeb, and Mike Anderson are all gone from that team. And the Mastermind was responsible for all of that. On top of it, Rod Smith isn't the same player and Mastermind decided to completely revamp the offense. The only good move was getting Walker. Instead of adding the missing piece, he threw away what was working.

Remember that Jake has taken the Broncos to the playoffs three times and deep into them last year. It is a mistake to overlook that. But we shall see with Cutler. Just that it is the Mastermind's MO to play these games.

Posted by: Justin B at November 29, 2006 12:04 PM

talks of brian griese reminds me of how IMperfect of a qb he was for the broncos (couldnt run to save his life), but let's not forget the game against the raiders that he played hurt in.... after listening to rod smith's comments today i think he really keyed in to the factor that has helped lose the past two games. he said "without the running game going it doesnt really matter who is playing at qb. if we dont run the ball jay is going to have a long day." or something to that effect. no one on the first team offense really believes that jake shouldn't be starting still. jake got hosed. he deserves one more start. jay is most definately the future, but the future doesnt't have to be tomorrow. look at what a year of watching has done for p. rivers. on a small side note... who was the ncaa champs in 98? they split it with the corn-ballers....i mean corn-holers... i believe that another qb also came from that school. won a couple games as a pro too........ beats being booted for chris simms lol!!! T.D. hall of fame 2006-7

Posted by: jd at November 30, 2006 09:27 PM

First, TD certainly deserves to be in the hall. Career cut short. Loved the guy. Headaches and all.

Second, Cutler has an incredible arm. There is no doubt. But last year, while everyone gives him credit for playing at Vandy against Florida and Georgia and Tennessee and Bama and...

HE LED HIS TEAM TO A 17-15 LOSS TO MIDDLE TENNESSEE STATE. His pick led to one of their two touchdowns and his offense scored just one TD and kicked 3 FG's. Vandy is not a powerhouse offensive system. Tell me what Phil Rivers, Carson Palmer, and Matt Leinart have in common? All ran pro offenses coordinated by Norm Chow. Wow, he also produced Heisman trophy winner Ty Detmer as well as Steve Young, Steve Sarkisian (USC QB Coach and Asst. Head Coach), Jim McMahon...

Point is that QB's from top notch offensive programs like Michigan are used to preparing and playing in at a high level. Guys like Brady, Griese, and so on. Cutler is a kid with a big time arm but the sum total of his experience comes from playing at a poorly performing program where a great season was 2005 where they went 5-6 but beat Tennessee.

Say what you will about Jake, but he is a leader in the huddle. His teammates know it. Throughout his career, his confidence has helped his team win. Hence the comeback victories. Cutler has some physical tools that Jake doesn't and Jake is having a down year, but Shannahan is throwing away the season with his own failures to keep his core group of players from an AFC Championship team together. A team that went 13-3. Let's call it what it is. Mastermind is starting the rebuilding process mid-season and throwing Jake under the bus. There is no way that a rookie takes this team to the AFC Championship game this year and that is where the bar is set. Not that Jake is going to do it either with the injuries, but Jake gives the team the best chance to win. Plain and simple. Maybe not the best chance for next year or the year after that, but we are not playing for next year. Otherwise, let's just start the draft right now. That is the crap that the Arizona Cardinals are worried about (trust me, I have season tickets to the Cardinals).

BTW, I get to see Matt Leinart vs. Jay Cutler in three weeks. Who woulda thunk that Jake and Kurt Warner would both be out of a job right now.

Posted by: Justin B at November 30, 2006 11:37 PM