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November 27, 2006

Brian Head Expecting First Major Storm--But Closing This Week

Snow is on the way for Brian Head, but the resort is closing to focus on snowmaking. This should be good news for the rest of the seasona as temps are expected to drop (meaning snowmaking can take place during the day) and there is a major storm on its way.

Last Wednesday was somewhat anti-climactic. I played around on the two open runs and hit a couple nice jumps and tried my hand on the rainbow they had set up, but all in all, I hate the thought of tearing an ACL/MCL on the opening day, and hate the thought of getting taken out by some schmuck going all Bode.

Still, the condo is coming together nicely and we are working at things. It was a nice trip to get some plumbers up there and get some things buttoned up for the season. We are starting to plan for our weekends this year with friends or family and have several different people that are going to use the place.

Gonna head up sometime in the next week or two, but have a Doctors Appt next week and some other plans going on. Probably wait it out for more snow so that my dad and Jackson can come up and we can finish the tape and texture on the drywall as well as finish the carpet, wood repairs, and closets for the winter and focus on what the place is for--skiing.

Posted by Justin at November 27, 2006 01:08 AM