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October 02, 2006

The New Digital Age of Wrong Numbers and Product Promotion

I got a wrong number series of text messages about some woman named Jen today:

Jen is trying 2 make me jealous. I don't want 2 b with her.

OK, so that is awesome because now Jen is going to be single. Unfortunately, the person sending the text was not Jen, so no dice.

Then I got the following:

I am riding with Jen now

So I have a digital text message soap opera going. I am waiting to see if Jen is going to end up with whoever.

Now here is what is sad... I figure this is a legit text message that is just to a wrong number, but it seems in this digital age, companies are using stuff like blogs and text messages and e-mail threads to promote movies and other products. They start a blog about some 16 year old and her problems with her boyfriend to build buzz around their story, then it turns out that the whole thing is actually building up a new movie that is coming out.

I guess that is not as bad as blatant product placement in TV shows and movies though. In one of the season ending episodes or How I Met Your Mother, the gang was talking about how good some crab at Red Lobster sounded, then it showed them going into Red Lobster. Then after the break, Red Lobster commercial for their new crabfest. Notice how the Pepsi can is always perfectly lined up for you to see it is Pepsi in movies nowadays... It is most certainly intentional and it would be nice to see what the price of these things are.

Posted by Justin at October 2, 2006 12:18 PM