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September 25, 2006

Ski Lessons and PSIA

So a couple of years ago, I considered taking a part-time gig instructing to get a free season pass and give me something to do. I get bored and it would have cut the prices to nothing for my kids and required only a few days of work over the course of the season if I could get a part time job. Well, needless to say, after months of preparation and thinking about instructing, I decided to go a different route and start writing about skiing at my own website.

One major benefits of my brief decision to instruct is that I signed up and am an affiliate member of the PSIA. I need to instruct at a resort to get full member status, but in the meantime, there are tons of clinics that improve instructing techniques (which has the side benefit of improving your own techniques). Long story short, the PSIA has lots of great information and is relatively cheap to join. If you are in the industry or just interested in learning more, their websites have tons of free stuff and good pointers to improve your game. Maybe to help you teach the little ones and improve what they do.

In the interest of disclosure, I started both Jake and Jarrett out in lessons (with someone else) until they got to the point that they could ski greens, get on and off the lift, and get used to "wedge, pizza, snowplow" or whatever they call it this week. Then it is to the top of Widow Maker or Death by Evergreen or Sonny Bono or whatever the steepest double black is. OK, maybe they hit a blue or two on the way before we get that far.

Each year, I might send the boys for a lesson or two a year when I want to pawn them off so I can hit crazy steeps and deeps. Jarrett is still learning and is so young that he will require considerable effort to ski with, so he will stay in lessons for a while whereas Jake and Jackson can go most anywhere I can so I give them a walkie-talkie and it is meet you at the bottom. But it is still always good to have someone objective look at their form and work with them. We are past the point of me doing much teaching since they are both solid in their turns, carving well, etc. Jake is struggling with pole placement and moguls, so that is one thing I want to work on with him this year. I am going to take a lesson or two myself to have an expert pick apart some of my flaws. I want to improve my upper body movement and pole placement when making turns. Work on getting more fluid. Work on keeping my knees in tighter.

My single biggest problem is I am out of shape. I have a mountain bike hanging in the garage, but have been too busy travelling for work to use the thing. I know what is coming. Great technique up until noon when my quads burn, then it is back to fighting to stay parallel because my legs won't put the right pressure on my edges. So my New Year's Resolution is to stop being fat and lazy for 2007. Too late for this year.

Posted by Justin at September 25, 2006 05:45 PM


C'Mon, Justin!

I've lost 5 lbs. since Sept. 1. My bike (sigh) is still in the garage, but there's stuff you can do in 30 minutes a day to give you a little bit of an edge. I do 10 minutes of therapy on a shoulder I screwed up in an ATV accident and then spend 15 20 minutes doing core exercises and lower body stuff (one legged squats, etc.) When I have time, I try to do 20 minutes on the Nordic Track at 75% of my max heart rate, or take a 30-45 minute bike ride. I'll never be in World Cup shape on that routine, but it's better than nothing. I just want to be able to climb the stairs to my condo without chest pain!

I'm curious to know how many takers BH has for its $6.50 wages with all the college students who live in Cedar. That plus a pass may be considered a smokin' deal for most of them, which means BH is just paying the market rate. The best benefit they could provide is bus service up the canyon for employees and for that matter, LV day trippers who can't drive in snow. I love the way they do it in SLC up Big and Little Cottonwood.

Pray for snow, early and often.

Posted by: Dan Curriden at October 2, 2006 12:31 PM