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September 18, 2006

Put Up or Shut Up Time for the Hopi Gods

Last week I posted the following:

The folks with the Hopi Tribe need to put the pipe down.

Hopi attorney Scott Canty said it is up to the deities, not man, to make snow.

"To usurp their authority is a crime, an insult," he said. "It desecrates the entire mountain that the Hopi believe is a living entity."

The tribes say Snowbowl is an affront to their religion and its existence may have caused the Sept. 11 attacks and other universal calamities. The resort, one of two in the state, might go out of business because of a lack of snowfall.

You know, I was just thinking...

If the Hopi Gods are powerful enough that they can cause 9-11, why didn't they pony up 400" of snow last year so that the resort could stay open for more than two weeks? Why don't they ensure a consistent snowfall for Snowbowl so that snowmaking is unnecessary?

The idea of angry and all powerful Gods that would cause 9-11 over skiing at a resort, yet have the power to simply provide natural snow and keep the Snowbowl folks from usurping his authority bothers me. What is up with the Hopi Gods?

I am asking the Hopis to pray to their Gods that El Nino continues, Snowbowl never has a season without snow again, and that snowmaking is completely unnecessary because of the massive power and influence of the Gods of the Hopis. If their Gods pony up with the snow, I will change my stance on the need for snowmaking at the resort and may actually renounce all versions of my faith and begin worshipping the divine creator that gave birth to all civilization at the San Francisco Peaks. I call on all skiers to make the same commitment to the Hopi Gods.

Posted by Justin at September 18, 2006 12:30 PM