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September 14, 2006

New Link to Steamboat Blog and First Snowfall

I added a new link to Steamboat Blog, which is a Steamboat based blog that I read quite a bit last year. 120 Days of Powder has not had an updated post and Wil does not return phone calls, so I am unsure on their status for the year. But neither here nor there. The good news is that snow is falling in Colorado.

The storm dusted the Mount Zirkel and Flat Tops Wilderness areas and came with a half inch of rain in town during the weekend. The Yampa river was flowing about 50% above average over the weekend which should be great for fall fly-fishing in the Steamboat Springs area if the precipitation keeps up. Last year we had a really wet fall in comparison to the several previous years followed by a great ski season. This year seems quite a bit wetter over the last 6 weeks with even more strong bursts and showers that linger even longer. No one knows what that will bring but it sure seems like a good sign. The weather has also gotten dramatically cooler over the last week or two. People are starting to make that extra effort to get in their fill of summer sports and put up winter essentials like new skis, the tent sale this year has been packed.

Good times. I still have to head north to get my place ready for 2006-07 and make sure the heater is on low so I don't burst any pipes.

Posted by Justin at September 14, 2006 02:58 PM