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September 19, 2006

Colorado Pass and New Banner Ads

I have posted some new ads on the site for Breck and Keystone. I am going to be heading up there to both of them this year and ads help me pay the bills. (Maybe even help me get a free pass or two from time to time.)

I am an A-basin and Loveland kind of guy most times I go to Summit, but that is simply because of price. $75 a lift ticket is a heck of a lot different from $40 a lift ticket at A-basin or Loveland. Well, it seems that there is an alternative for me that would allow me to ski A-basin, Keystone and Breckenridge as well as spend 10 free days at Vail and Beaver Creek for less than the price of a week of skiing at Keystone--The Colorado Pass:

  • Unlimited, unrestricted skiing and riding at Keystone, Breckenridge and Arapahoe Basin
  • 10 days skiing and riding at Vail and Beaver Creek.
  • The Colorado Pass is restricted at Vail and Beaver Creek November 24-25, 2006; December 27-31, 2006; and February 17-18, 2007.
  • Heavenly 1/2 Price Tickets. Ski Heavenly in Lake Tahoe for 1/2 price! Restrictions apply. Details>>
  • One-Year Subscription to SKIING Magazine included with your Colorado Pass purchase.
  • Savings for your Friends and Family. Colorado Pass holders will receive six coupons so your friends and family can ski at a discounted rate. Check back soon for updated pricing.
  • Breckenridge Unlimited Ski & Ride School Lesson Pass for only $159.
  • Resort Charge convenience. Link your credit card to your Colorado Pass to charge on-mountain dining, ski and snowboard lessons and more.

    How much does the whole thing cost? $399 for an adult, $299 for a teen, and $189 for a child if you buy before October 15th.

    I posted about the Big Sky Frequency Card, which is also a sickeningly good deal, but the Colorado Pass is a must have. Downside is you have to purchase in person at one of their listed locations. If you were to simply spend 5 days over the entire winter at Vail or Beaver Creek, and bought the pass, you could spend the entire rest of the winter at Breck, Keystone, and A-basin for free. (Math majors will note that $75 per day at Vail x 5 days = $375)

    In the interest of disclosure, I am running ads for Breck and Keystone as well as for the Colorado Pass. Here is my deal--I won't run ads for stuff or do reviews of things that aren't completely honest. If I say it is a good deal, it is or I would not say it. I have three kids and am always looking for deals on gear, lodging, skiing, etc. This is an insanely good deal. Whether they advertise here or not.

    I ski on the cheap and this is most certainly the best deal I have seen. My season pass at Brian Head runs $288 at spring renewal prices for students, $328 for everyone else. By this time of year, that jumps to almost $400 to ski for the year at one single resort. And Brian Head's pass does not include 10 days at Vail and Beaver Creek. Nor does it include three other resorts (Breck, A-basin, and Keystone) for the entire year. If you know for certain you are going to Colorado (or to Heavenly) and know that you will ski at least 5 days this winter, this is a MUST HAVE. Plain and Simple.

    Posted by Justin at September 19, 2006 09:47 PM