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September 20, 2006

Name Changes for Frequency at Big Sky--But Still Lots of Free Skiing

Dax from Big Sky e-mailed me today that I should be aware that the Frequency Pass is now called the "Frequent Sky Card". Names, Schmames. They could call it whatever they want. Here is what I call it--"two free weeks of skiing, discounts, $21 per day off of lift tickets, lodge discounts, etc., ALL FOR $69 PER YEAR". I suggested this to Dax, but they don't think it will fit on the card. I expect royalties if they use my suggestions...

Here is the link to the ***NEW FREQUENT SKY CARD*** and what the card does for the holder:

  • $21 off the regular season window rate (Adult $48, Junior/College $28)
  • $5 off when adult window prices are $50 or less
  • 14 free ski days (Sunday, November 26, 2006-Saturday, December 2, 2006 & Monday,April 9, 2007-Sunday, April 15, 2007.)
  • Tuesday, January 2-Sunday, January 7, 2007 half price of regular season rate (Adults $35, Juniors $25)
  • 50% discount on Huntley Lodging (Dec. 7-23, 2006; Jan. 2-8, 2007; April 8-15, 2007) Additional dates available, contact reservations; some restrictions apply
  • 10% discount on any retail items in any Big Sky Resort outlet.
  • 25% OFF adult grp ski/snowboard lessons any Saturday, all season.

These kind of deals make the sport affordable if you plan ahead. Maybe Big Sky is not right next door, but at $48 per day with a frequency pass (as opposed to $69 without), you can ski Big Sky for a little over half the price of somewhere like Aspen. If you are flying anyway, Bozeman has a major airport and direct flights from several big cities. And on top of it, even without the Pass, $69 a day is still a smokin' deal for a place as massive as Big Sky with awesome vertical. Big Sky/Moonlight has over 5,000 acres and 4,300 feet of vertical. Big Sky alone has 3,600 acres. And no crowds. It sounds too good to be true, but trust me, Big Sky is as good or better than any resort out there. Add in the price with the Frequent Sky Card, and the kids free skiing, and Big Sky has to be at the top of any family's list.

Lots of folks think top tier resorts like Big Sky are out of reach of their budget, but with the frequency card, you can cut a huge chunk out of the cost. Add in that Big Sky offers free skiing to up to two kids under 10 with a paying adult, and a family trip to Big Sky is well within reach. Lodging is reasonable in Big Sky and even cheaper in Bozeman.

I don't ski like a destination skier. I never rent condos, we usually stay 5-6 to a hotel room, all ride up together in a big SUV, and do things on the cheap. I need a hippie VW Van one of these days. I am planning with some friends for the free week in November at Big Sky. I know this much--say five of us go to Big Sky, stay in town at $100 per night for five nights, and split the cost. That is $100 each for the week. On top of that, we each buy a Frequent Sky Pass for $69. That is under $200 total each for a week of skiing plus lodging at a top tier resort. I take Jake and Jackson with me and they ski for free on top of that. It is just too good of a deal to skip.

Posted by Justin at September 20, 2006 06:07 PM


the only thing with cramming into a hotel room is that kind of makes it hard to cook at home. i think eating (and drinking) outside every day drives up the cost a lot. we usually get a condo, get groceries and cook/drink at the condo most nights. plus you are usually eating healthier than all that diner/TGI friday type of QSR food.

still that sounds like a rocking deal for big sky.

Posted by: arv at September 22, 2006 11:24 AM

That is very true. We usually grab a box of cereal and a gallon of milk for breakfast, but most of the time do dinner in town. After a long day of skiing, you really don't want to cook anyway.

Four in a room is about the max we like to do if it is for more than a couple of nights. Better to be comfortable if you can afford it. But we are also usually 2-3 days at a time anyway meaning we leave work early on Friday and drive until we get there, ski Sat, Sun, and 1/2 day Monday, and drive back for work on Tuesday.

Having my place at Brian Head is the best though. I have DSL in the condo, have a full kitchen where we can leave the stuff we don't eat for the next trip and know what is there, and have the PS2 for the kids and DVD's for the adults. I have not done the crash on the floor thing since I got the condo, so I am not sure if I haven't outgrown it and not sure that the skiing is so much better anywhere other than Brian Head to justify being completely uncomfortable and surrounded by four guys' worth of gear on the floor. Plus that many people just stink, literally. You feel nasty and disgusting and everything smells like mildew, sweat, and the inside of ski boots.

But that has a certain sentimental quality about it that makes you feel less like some rich guy at Aspen and more like the guys that work for $8 an hour on ski patrol and live 5 to a place at most resorts.

Posted by: Justin B at September 22, 2006 12:05 PM