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September 07, 2006

Helmet Usage on the Rise

This is from the Demographics Survey Conducted each year (h/t First Tracks):

An increase in helmet usage was also noted, an ongoing pattern illustrated in previous years data. Helmet usage continues to remain most prevalent among those under 15 and those 55 years old and older, as well as among advanced and expert participants. Overall, 38 percent of survey respondents were wearing a helmet when interviewed, up from 33 percent last season.

Everyone that I ski with except Jeremy rides or skis with a helmet. Last year, we were hitting a nice drop and my buddy Tim had a guy basically come over the edge of a small drop off and not paying attention, clip him with his snowboard across the helmet. I have had several nasty falls that my helmet has at very least prevented a major headache, let alone a possible major injury. I bought Jeremy a helmet last season, he just doesn't like to wear it.

Use good safety gear. I know it is cheesy and lots of guys think they are invincible. I would really like to see some more respected folks like Shawn White, Bode, Tanner Hall, Jeremy Bloom, etc., come out with a stronger pro-helmet campaign, but I guess Bode should start with a "don't get drunk while race skiing" safety campaign first.

I dig my helmet because on cold days, especially with my skull cap underneath, it keeps my head warm, plus keeps my goggle straps from digging into the back of my head. I wear a Bad Lt. helmet that ironically is used as a costume piece on BattleStar Gallactica by their Marines.

Posted by Justin at September 7, 2006 03:18 PM