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September 22, 2006

Cleveland Rocks--Indians to Move to Goodyear, AZ

Charlie Sheen and Wesley Snipes were recently spotted in Goodyear, AZ--OK, my bad--Willie Mays Hayes and Wild Thing Rick Vaughn. Holy Bob Uecker...

The Cleveland Indians are coming back to Arizona.

The Major League Baseball team Thursday agreed to move its spring training home from Winter Haven, Fla., to Goodyear.

In a letter dated Sept. 21 to the Arizona Sports and Tourism Authority, the Indians confirmed the team's desire to head west.

"We enthusiastically support the application of the city of Goodyear to the Sports and Tourism Authority of Arizona as part of the process of bringing Cleveland Indians baseball and its fans to Arizona," states the letter, signed by Cleveland Indians President Paul Dolan. "We eagerly look forward to developing a long-term relationship with the city of Goodyear and the state of Arizona."

The Indians trained in Tucson until 1992 and had been considering relocating their spring training operations to the Orlando area.

Goodyear leaders and team representatives spent Thursday ironing out details that would commit the Indians to the southwest Valley, making it the Cactus League's 13th team.

The next step is to apply for public funding from the sports authority to help pay for the proposed $77.5 million facility near Estrella Parkway and Bullard Avenue.

This is less than three miles from my house. Bullard and Estrella Parkway actually run parallel to each other, so what they mean is on Yuma between Estrella and Bullard. Add this to the regional mall that is going in, and Goodyear will join Surprise as major West Valley cities with MLB Spring Training teams and funky sounding names. There is also talk that the Dodgers may make a similar move and set up shop in the same ballpark.

So I am riding on the plane to Oakland with a woman from NoCal who is relocating to Phoenix. I am usually an iPod up full blast and ignore the world guy on most planes, but we start talking before takeoff. Net is that she wants to know where to look for a new place in Phoenix and she works in downtown by the airport. Tempe is too collegy, Chandler and Ahwatukee are very nice, and were my first suggestions. Scottsdale is too expensive. Mesa and Queen Creek too far. Gotta have access to the I-10. She loves the outdoors and does not want to live in a concrete jungle or where there is a lot of crime. Wants places to ride her bike. Wants to do stuff like rowing, (so Tempe town lake makes sense) Wants great views and to not feel like she is in the middle of the city.

I recommended Estrella Mountain Ranch in Goodyear. I told her that I heard rumors about the Cleveland Indians and LA Dodgers moving to Goodyear. Plus the new Cards stadium. Plus the new Coyotes stadium. Plus the new mall. Plus the widening of the I-10. Goodyear is looking better all the time.

By the time we both looked up and stopped gabbing, they were telling us to put seat backs up and tray tables in the full upright and locked position. I hate advertising for my stinking city and sounding like the Chamber of Commerce. I gave her my URL for the site as we left and she talked to one of her friends who already lives in EMR and all but confirmed everything that I said. The place is awesome.

Posted by Justin at September 22, 2006 04:18 PM