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August 19, 2006

Turning One as a Blogger and Ski-Blog's Day in Court

I know I have arrived when my blog is actually used as evidence in a court case. Again, my brother is getting divorced. Sad story and long story and we shall keep it short. His wife, well, it is a divorce, so figure she ain't happy about it. They had a hearing on Thursday and she kept bringing up things to demonstrate how well he was doing finacially and literally her lawyer kept asking him if he goes skiing, goes to Suns and Cardinals games, and is living the good life. Her lawyer started quoting things from my blog asking him direct questions about it.

I explained in an e-mail what a blog is several months ago. I don't have any rules. I write what I feel like. Keep politics and personal issues to a minimum, but it is my journal about my life. I just leave the key to my diary next to the diary itself. And this blog is a diary of my life as a skier. I mix in some stuff about other sports whenever they strike me, especially local Phoenix Sports because it is summer and I gotta blog about something.

So the whole thing got me thinking that I am writing the autobiography of not only my ski life, but the story of my interactions with the people around me and my experiences. Jeremy is caught in my diary because he is a part of it. As are my kids and Tera, Brian Head Resort and my Condo Complex, several other resorts... Dan, Erich, Tim, Taufiq, Jake, Keith and Kaylie, Nat and Jeff, the people that I randomly talk skiing with. If my work or my brother's wife or my family or friends wanted to search my site for how I live my life, they have got most of the story. I have opened up a huge chunk of my life to the world for inspection, review, and ultimately judgment. Maybe not judgment of whether I am a good person or not, but judgment about whether my thoughts and deeds are worth reading about. And if you are here, you are reading it. =)

So guess what, I am just turning one as a blogger. A year of what I did and where I went and who I am and who the people around me are. A year that I can review and remember. Pictures of people and places and days and pow and my friends skiing with me.

I want to thank the people mentioned above as well as my Dad and Jeremy for making our condo happen. My wife and kids for putting up with me being gone for days and weeks remodelling or doing what I love. The people that read the site and leave comments and e-mail me and work with me like John at Sunlight, Dax at Big Sky, Dave at Snowbowl, and Tyler at Alta. It feels so much like some cheesy Oscar speech, but the rest of the folks that I really want to thank are bloggers that have influenced me like Rob Port at Say Anything; Ken and Will at Willisms; Wil and JP at 120 Days and Colorado Backcountry; several other bloggers who I read daily; and most of all my blogfather Bill Roggio. Bill and I became friends through his site in 2004 and he embodies what courage is. He is who encouraged me to start my own site.

So I am in the process of updating the site and waiting for my official kick off to 2006-07 to change the banner at the top. Adding some personal pictures and touches and making the site a meeting place for the guys that I ski with. Constantly some friend of mine who I have not talked to in months goes to the site and sends a comment e-mail. It has been a great year. Maybe the best year of my life so far. But mostly because of the relationships with the people that I ski with.

I had a falling out with one of my best friends about a year ago where we stopped speaking for better than a month. Said some crappy stuff and got pretty nasty to each other. And at the end of it all, we had a heart to heart. He said life isn't just about what you believe or what you do or who you are, but about "relationships". How you influence other people around you. Whether it is being a missionary in Thailand or Nepal, or just being a father or a friend, it is the company that we keep that dictates so much about our life. And I remember walking down Bear Paw at Red Lodge when I was a complete novice in Montana at 18 skiing with my lifelong friend (and my step-brother Josh who just won't leave me, Zach, and Jer alone), and the two of us teaching Jacob how to ski for the first time on the Greens at Sunrise (and me being scared of blues). Powder days when we both skipped work and got stuck in Show Low during the USC-Oklahoma game.

This was the first year in several that we didn't ski together. Not over being angry because we have had close to fist-fights over pick-up basketball games. Even if we hated each other, I like to think he would tolerate an 8 hour drive for a good powder day with me. But because of the hectic stuff in his life, his work, and his other commitments. A huge regret about last year is that a friend of 15 years and my first real ski buddy as well as one of my closest and best friends missed an entire season with me when I owned a slopeside condo in Utah and put in 30+ days. His name (technically it is not just his name as he shares it with my son) is not in the blog and I ain't mentioning it until it is in a sentence involving the words--pow, epic, sick, deep, quad-burning, yard-sale, and possibly the phrase "idiodic, testosterone driven insanity".

I am going to be putting together my "goals" for the year shortly, but note that this is number one. I know you have a nice set of Atomics cause I bought 'em on E-bay for you, so wax them up and get ready.

Posted by Justin at August 19, 2006 11:28 PM