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August 24, 2006

Stupid Ideas and Misguided Ride Pimping

OK, so I bought my new jeep a month or so ago. Love the thing and took it out on the trail this last weekend. Well, couple of issues. First, when you go jeeping, everyone has a CB. I mean sure, the antennas look so "Truck Stop"ish and you feel like you should be wearing a wife beater and drinking beer on the porch of the trailer when Cops comes around, but you really want to be able to talk to the other folks out there. CB's are almost mandatory on a jeep if you go offroad. So the solution to issue one is that I bought a CB and a nice firestick antenna. Quadratec did not have a 3' Firestick, so I got a 4'.

So now the second issue. I had to fly to San Francisco again on Monday at 5:00 AM. I just mounted the CB and antenna this weekend and got to the airport. Went into the parking garage and kept hearing thunk, thunk, thunk as I drove in, but it was at 5:00 AM so I was only half awake. Well, my antenna is about 6" too long and was hitting the support beams then snapping back and hitting my roof. I was driving out of the garage last night and realized what was going on. Some days, I feel like an idiot.

So let's discuss this weekend's trip the back way to Crown King. Well, I have a $30,000 brand new Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited that is about as loaded as can be. And I put in about $2000 worth of armor plating on the gas tank, differentials, steering box, sides, etc., to protect critical components, as well as a new $400 exhaust package. Every single skid plate is dinged and the exhaust is partially mangled. Had it not been for the armor plating, I would be in some seriously bad shape. Especially the back side of the rear diff.

There is no fluid on the garage floor at night so either I didn't puncture anything or all of the fluid is already drained onto the trail. I know this much, some rocks on the trail have some of my paint on them. My diffs and body armor are like some teenage tagger, spreading paint all over the place.

Posted by Justin at August 24, 2006 12:18 PM