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August 21, 2006

Speaking of Deals--Frequency at Big Sky Rocks

Speaking of deals, the Frequency Pass at Big Sky is perhaps the best deal out there. (Especially if they get good early season snow)

You pay $69 and for that you get a $21 discount every ski day at regular prices, plus you get two weeks of free skiing. Admittedly these are opening week and closing week, but like I said, it is a crap shoot as to whether they will get good early season snow. But it is free, so even bad skiing that is "free skiing" is a good thing. And I have never had a bad experience at Big Sky. There are other good deals too like lodging discounts and ski shop discounts, so check out the link.

I won't go into my love affair with my home state of Montana and how wonderful it is to ski there where a big crowd means a person or two in front of you in the lift line. Big Sky is as good as any luxury resort in the country and fewer people go there because it is not as easy to get to. But it keeps getting easier with direct flights into Bozeman.

If you have never been, Big Sky is probably my favorite resort. It is just too far from Arizona to ski there very often for me since I drive most places and take the family. I try to make it once or twice a year though. Lone Peak has some of the sickest lift served Extreme Terrain in the Country and just about every Warren Miller film has Big Sky featured.

Posted by Justin at August 21, 2006 12:24 PM