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August 13, 2006

Site Updates

Joni and I have gone through my photos from 2005-06 and created several new banners for the top of the site, including several that are personal photos from trips with Erich, Jeremy, Dan, and my sons to Brian Head.

I was talking to Jeremy last night and showing off the site to him and he mentioned how our best laid plans to take tons of photos and photoblog did not happen. We were wondering out loud why. Well, the reality is that most days that we went out skiing had such low light and were overcast. We barely went out when it wasn't snowing and any conditions other than fresh weren't worth skiing. Honestly, that is kinda sad. But for the most part it was because we were doing the condo remodel and had so much work to do.

Well, now we are making plans for 2006-07. Jeremy is staying in Montana until at least the late fall so it looks like I will start the season doing the Montana Run--Brian Head to Alta to Big Sky to Billings and back the same way. Probably just after Thanksgiving so that I get to my Mom's after the Fall Semester's Finals are over. (Mom is a teacher and so is my Step-dad)

Jackson's skis are getting bindings mounted as we speak and I am finishing up the final touches on the condo. I will be posting shortly on the site changes and on the prep for the season that we put in. Just taking care of the little stuff for the season and buying things early to save money. If you wait much longer the prices start going up.

Posted by Justin at August 13, 2006 08:01 PM