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August 27, 2006

New Skis and Ski Sizing Advice

Went down to the local shop and was talking gear with one of the guys there. I am debating about getting some new sticks and wondering how big I want to go. I am riding 186's now in a twin tip which work out to 183's approximately. But they are a mid-fat and run 118-88-110 and are more of an off-piste ski than a park ski.

Here is the problem. I am 6'2" and 250 on a light day. It is really tough to figure out what to ski. If I step down to a narrower twin tip, then I need the length for stability since I am fat. I really want something that I can use in the park, but don't want to give up the performance on pow and on groomers.

It is so tough. I have my groomers and I have my mid-fat twins. I am trying to decide on what to go with for my third ski. I figure I am set for powder days with my Atomic Stomp 186's. Early season, I have some older Atomic Beta Carves in a 190. I am thinking more of a pure park ski and am leaning towards the Salomon 1080's, but still debating model and length.

I will get back to you on what I decide. I am going to try demo skis if I can find anyone that has these in demos just to get a feel for length and model. We shall see what I go with.

BTW, isn't it a little early for me to be worrying about what to buy as my third set of skis?

Posted by Justin at August 27, 2006 06:56 PM


All I want to know is where do I get the seeds? You had to have taken a course in Botany at ASU that you haven't told anybody about. I think you need to start posting your secrets on your website about how to grow it. You have to have a tree in your backyard that grows money. Personally, I think you need to buy a boat or a few jetskis that way you can waterski in the summer and ski in the winter.

BTW, when are we planning a mountain biking trip to your cabin before the winter sets in?


Posted by: Jake Embleton at August 28, 2006 11:11 AM

Just keep in mind that I use them 30+ days per year. You would know that if you ever came with me anymore. =) Let's do the math on that. $360 divided by 30 days. That works out to $12 per ski day. That is half the cost of a burger at the cafes on the slopes. Notice that I have not bought them yet. Probably going to demo a couple sets first and decide if they feel radically different than my current twins. But you are right, unless they drastically change the feel on the slopes, they are probably a no-go.

When we went to the Wolf two years ago, I never thought those Rosi B3's would have near the impact that they did the second day, either. You really need to try my Atomic twins next time we head up. Especially if it is a powder day. They really do make a difference. I love your cruisers and they are a good all-around ski, but you should check out using demo skis on powder days. You will really notice a difference.

We gotta head up and take the bikes. Let me know when you are free.

Posted by: Justin B at August 28, 2006 11:52 AM