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August 21, 2006

New Link from Ski

I added a new link and am working with a couple of other folks to check on additional links. I hate the idea of a cluttered sidebar that contains a bunch of ads and junk, but at the same time want to link to the stuff that make sense and offers a benefit to the readers.

But first and foremost, I ski on the cheap. Always have because my entertainment and "sports" budget is stretched incredibly thin. Between my Suns tickets, Cardinals tickets, and Season passes, I am pushing $3,000 in sporting events. Add in parking, travel, equipment, etc., and I don't have a lot of extra money laying around for entertainment.

The condo is an investment property that just happens to be at a ski resort... at least that is the excuse I give my wife. Plus it was a fixer-upper, so it has so far paid for itself in appreciation. I have season passes at Brian Head which cuts the cost down to next to nothing when you use them enough. But I head other places and when you roll somewhere anymore, a lift ticket runs $75 at many (most major) resorts. So you learn to ski on the cheap.

I am in the process of trading links from a company called A link here or there, especially a free one through a trade, isn't going to pay my bills or my bandwidth, but if my site is generating traffic from the links and/or ads, that helps support my winter habit. And these guys fit my mode of "deal shopping". Take a look at their site and in addition, I will be posting about other specials with a possible local gear shop or two and some other businesses that will be of interest.

In the interest of disclosure, I remain completely unbiased. If something sucks, I won't post links and I certainly won't go back. So if it is on my site, it is the real deal.

Posted by Justin at August 21, 2006 12:08 PM