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August 08, 2006

More Offseason Purchases

So my little brothers and my sons are my most frequent guests at Brian Head. My brother Jeremy is 29 and my brother Jackson is 11. Last year Jacko was riding a set of Atomic SL:9's that I had left over for Jake as a groomer and race ski, while Jake was throwing 180's on the twin tip Salomon 1080 Fish Jr.'s that I hooked him up with.

It took a couple illfated 180 attempts by Jacko trying to keep pace with Jake to realize the value of twin tips. And mind you that Jeremy and I were talking trash to get Jacko to pull 180's on non-twin tips.

Well, it came down to this from big brother Justin. I would buy Jackson twin tips if he did two things. 1. Never take up snowboarding. Don't even ask to try it. Go the Tanner Hall route. The kid has bleached blonde locks. Plus twin tips are a statement since everyone snowboards. Be a rebel and do something different. 2. Make fun of Jeremy.

I didn't even have to ask on either. He said he planned on that already. I am gonna have to get him a subscription to Freeskier and his twin tips just arrived and are getting bindings mounted as we speak. Salomon 1080 Thrusters in a 151. Probably a bit long for the dude right now, but he is growing like crazy, so they should last until he is 14-15ish. Jake is gonna be jibbing on them before I know it. I bought the little dude a pass for the season since he is becoming a regular at the condo.

I am just hoping that he doesn't end up as worthless as the other little brother that wastes time on my couch. I get the feeling that he is going to turn into the ski bum that offers to "take care of my place" during the winter at Brian Head. Probably for room and board plus a season pass.

Nah, if he did it would take away the feeling of superiority and the ability to make fun of Jeremy. Plus he and Jeremy would have to fight over the spot on the couch anyway in 8 years. I think I just busted on both of them in one post. I guess it don't matter since they can't read anyway. I will tell them the post was about the awesome 540's they will be throwing this year.

Is it November yet?

Posted by Justin at August 8, 2006 01:13 AM