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August 20, 2006

Goals for 2006-07

I am one of the most anal people alive. I plan everything. Make lists. Make goals. Track every expense down to the penny. Plan months in advance. All of these things add up to driving the folks around me crazy. And I happen to be just a little crazy myself from it. I mean come on, when you script out your ski trips in August, it is kinda stressful.

But I am writing the script for 2006-07. Honestly, most of the trip will be at Brian Head because A. It is Free and B. I have a home there. So my plans there are not really about how or what or where, but about when and who go with me. Jackson, Jake, Jarrett, Jeremy and I have season passes. Tera has a season pass, but it is a little tougher because Lindsey is still not 2 yet, so Tera will probably only be able to have her mom watch her a couple of times. Dad should make a couple of trips too and usually if Tera and Dad go, even with Lindsey, either her or Dad will not ski that day. So for the most part, the family will be there several times. We have Brian Head and the Family covered.

Now for the "other" trips:

  • Roadie with Erich, Tim, Taufiq, Dan, etc. from work.
  • Roadie with certain old friends from the Navy and Montana.
  • Roadie with Nat, Jeff, and Zach, plus the kids.
  • Roadie with Keith and Kaylee.
  • Sunlight in Colorado to meet up with John and talk some shop.
  • Alta at least a couple of times. Maybe just day trips from Brian Head, but probably on the way to Montana to see my extended family.
  • Big Sky on the way to Montana and on the way back. Gotta meet up with Dax who writes Big Sky's "blog" on the ski report.
  • Snowbowl if there is snow. And to every single skier in Arizona, please support the snowmaking effort there. Snowbowl is certainly not Alta, but it is close and offers some great views and great terrain.
  • Rock Dodge. I know, the name says it all, but it is close to Billings and I can ski there with the family. I want to take Jesse and Jeremy to Big Sky again and may take Jackson north to meet his older brother Jesse for the first time.
  • The Wolf. I want to put Jarrett in Wolf Pups which is the biggest bargain and one of the most fun programs in youth skiing. Jake spent two days there and loved it.

Those are the almost certain. These are the "it would be nice":

  • Tahoe.
  • Loveland, A-basin, basically Summit County when there is decent snow.
  • Jackson Hole.
  • Mammoth.
  • Teach Jeremy's boys to ski if they can work out their divorce.

Understand that if I simply spend the entire season at Brian Head skiing 30+ days with just my family, it is still an awesome season. Any time you ski more than a week in a year, that beats what most city folks do. Plus the season passes and the condo make it almost free.

The biggest upgrade I want for the condo is Direct TV with the Sunday Ticket and a DVR. That way I don't miss all of the November and December NFL Games while I am skiing or have to go to a bar to watch them. But that probably won't happen because my condo does not face South. I need to finish the bathroom downstairs and chill the rest of the winter.

Anyway you cut it, I am ready for 2006-07 to kick off. Just waiting on the site redesign and to get the year moving.

Posted by Justin at August 20, 2006 12:15 PM